Top 10: Instant Turn-Ons  

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6/12/2006 8:14 am

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Top 10: Instant Turn-Ons

What makes men go gaga for certain women? What is it about some chicks that make us spontaneously lose our cool?

We are normally strong-headed, straightforward creatures. But when it comes to women, we can become confused and easily disoriented. Think of all those male cartoon characters you've seen whose eyes bug out of their heads and tongues loll out to the ground when a sexy girl walks by. That's not all that far from the reality.

There are certain things about certain women that will prove to be such a turn-on that they instantly throw any guy off. As much as we do appreciate these moments, it's a good thing to be aware of such weapons, so you can have a shot at mustering some degree of coherence when you encounter them.

Here are 10 things about women that will instantly turn on just about any man.

Number 10

She has an accent
There's nothing like the sound of an exotic accent to get a guy's engines revving. Whether she's British, French, Irish, Italian, or from anywhere else, it's a sure bet that a man will be taken in by that foreign lilt or intonation. Accents are especially exciting when the woman throws in some words from her native language. What could be sexier than trying to guess what exactly she said she wanted you to do to her?

Number 9

She admits to loving sex

Many men lament the fact that their lady doesn't want or get off on sex as much as he does. So when a woman tells a dude that she loves sex, it's a huge turn-on. When a man knows that any time he feels like gettin' it on, his woman will be more than willing and able, well, it may be time to refurnish the bedroom, because you're going to be spending a whole bunch of time in there.

Number 8

She drives a motorcycle
Think about how cool and confident you feel when you hit the road on your chopper. Now, imagine how a woman feels riding one of those bad boys. Next, think about how she looks when she feels that way. Getting the picture? It's just sexy to see a chick on a bike -- particularly when she's clad in form-fitting leather chaps. Female bikers give off a carefree vibe, as well as the sense of mystery that comes with face-masking helmets. There's a reason why all bike manufacturers like to market their merchandise alongside scantily-clad models -- because it never fails to make men look.

Number 7

She has a sexy voice
Men love to hear the tones of a woman's sexy voice. Whether it's husky or has that soft, caressing touch, a woman's voice can send shivers down a man's spine via his auditory system. Think of the Marilyn Monroe's famous "Happy Birthday" song or Liv Tyler's otherworldly tone in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. If a woman's inflections sound like that, a man will fall for her from the ears on down.

Number 6

She has nice breasts
Men love breasts. This is a cold, hard fact. Just look at the astounding number of similes we've invented to describe them: knockers, rack, melons, headlights, and assets, to name but a few. Without getting into the psychology underlying this common obsession, it's sufficient to say that a woman with a great bust line is always attractive to a man. It's probably a good thing the female gender was the one to get the breasts. Had it turned out otherwise, we'd get nothing done -- we'd be home all day fondling them.

Number 5

She has a great ass
Okay, men also love asses. A shapely butt on a woman is a sure-fire turn-on to any guy. The way it moves when she walks -- that slight jiggle of the hips and sway of the cheeks -- is pretty much a mating signal. After all, there's a reason they call it a "booty call." Men are easily hypnotized by a fine female gluteus maximus , and will pretty much drop everything (literally and figuratively) to get a closer look.

Number 4

She looks like a porn star
Yes, men are easily smitten by a babe who looks like she came straight off the box cover of an adult video. Here, once again, it's all in the visuals. Whether it's the way she unabashedly embraces her sexuality or the "come hither" look on her face, the girl who looks and acts wanton will always have a horde of men buzzing around her. Want proof? Count the number of strip clubs in your town.

Number 3

She has full lips
Men like to kiss women. And men really like to kiss women with great lips. A full, sensuous mouth has always been a giant turn-on. The sight of a woman with beautiful, lush lips makes men think of how said lips would feel as they kissed the many different body parts he has to offer. Just think of Angelina Jolie's perfect lips. What man wouldn't want to get a taste of those?

Number 2

She talks dirty
It's the lucky man who gets the girl who loves to talk dirty. As men are often the sexual initiators in bed, a woman who talks dirty is a prized catch. Guys love to hear a babe talk about the things she wants to do and have done to her. This is especially valued when he's on the road on business. A guy's hotel room seems a lot less lonely when he can get some rocking-good phone-sex from his lady back home.

Number 1

You catch a peek of her undies
Sometimes, it's all about the tantalizing prospect of what a girl has underneath her clothes. In fact, many men often prefer the sight of a skimpy outfit that's slightly revealing to actually seeing the naked female body. For women this is hard to believe, but true nonetheless.
So when a man gets a glimpse of a thong gently peeking above a beltline or the shadow of a lacy bra through a shirt, all he can do is dazedly wonder what else is under there. Quite often, the rest of his day is shot because those images will have been burned into his brain, keeping him aroused until he can get home and do something about it. Happy daze indeed.

honorable mention

Her tongue is pierced
Once a guy sees a pierced tongue, he can't help but imagine how it might feel in an, um, "intimate" situation. A tongue piercing indicates that the gal sporting it throws herself into bedroom sports above and beyond the call of duty. That never fails to get men to rise to attention.

clue in & turn on

Now that you know the whats, hows and whys of instant turn-ons, sit back, relax and enjoy the perfectly natural pleasure of letting them daze you. Happy thoughts!

By Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf

rm_1SweetBitch 56F
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6/12/2006 9:11 am

Wow, I don't make the top 10...

No Pierced tongue
Don't wear undies
Do talk dirty
Do have full lips...upper and lower
Don't look like a porn star
Don't have a great ass
I have big breast
I have a sexy voice
I ride a Harley
I love sex
I have a southern drawlllllllllllllllllll

No Day Is So Bad It Can't Be Fixed With Great Sex!

1 SweetBitch

rm_JacksonQ4 34M
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6/15/2006 2:32 am

You have 8 or 9 out of 10 and i'm going to have to say that works for me

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