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3/30/2006 7:07 pm

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So, I was tagged by fyreyvixxxen . I'm not going to tag anyone, but only because I am so damn swamped with work being that its then end of the semester, maybe I will when I get a chance, and if the game is still on when I get back here, which probably won't be for at least a week or so. But, nonetheless, here is my list:

1.) I used to swallow, but now I'm to the point where if I even think about cum, I gag to the point of throwing up. (Hopefully a phase though)

2.) I'm scared to death of needles and actually pass out when I have to get one.

3.) I'm not as intelligent as my family makes me out to be but I work ten times harder to prove them right.

4.) I haven't found a type of music that I dislike, except polka.

5.) When I want a different car, I find a way to sabotage my current one. Example: I had an Explorer, wanted something different, so I drained all the tranny fluid out of it and burned up the transmission. Hey- at least I got what I wanted!

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