So tired...  

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12/16/2005 9:53 pm

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So tired...

So, I can't sleep. It's almost 1 am and I can't seem to shut my eyes for more than 30 seconds. I have so much rushing through my mind right now. Christmas is almost upon us and I find myself going through my mind to make sure I got my son everything that he wanted. His last request...a bell from Santa's sleigh like the one the boy got in the Polar Express...has been accomplished as of today, so that makes me feel good. I also came across a cute little r/c car as I was browsing around the mall for the perfect bell.

Oh, the bell. Let me dwell on that before I get to the car. I couldn't seem to find the "one". But as I was walking by the Bon-Ton Christmas store, I saw a beautiful bell, the perfect bell, the bell that anyone would believe was plucked right from the sleigh. But it was on a $25 wreath. I bought it. Came home, tore the bell off, tossed the wreath aside, and placed the bell onto a piece of velvet string that I purchased in the same store. It's amazing what we do for our children! But I know my son's eyes will light up on Christmas morning when he opens that bell, and that look alone will be priceless.

Now, onto the r/c car. Nothing too outrageous, around $60 but it's so cute. It burns tires and they actuall smoke. Ok, so not interesting to us, but imagine what that will be like for a
4 1/2 year-old. Again...priceless.

My son also decided that this year he would like to give everyone a present, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. He asked me if I would help him make the Christmas Trees that he made while he was in school. So of course, I did. He made them all by himself and it was so wonderful to sit there and watch him do it. The only part he asked help with was attaching the string to the backs to be able to hang them on a christmas tree as an ornament. He is a very persistent boy. He has 10 uncles, 6 aunts, and 3 grandmothers. But he made 20 ornaments, because he had to make one for mom and dad. How precious. I'm watching them as they dry on the craft table here and it's so cute to see all those little trees.

But, back to me not sleeping. I'm not sure what it is. I've been a little under the weather with a cold, just finished off my semester with my last final on Wesnesday, have all my Christmas shopping done (unless I realize that I forgot to purchase something for my son), house is clean, clothes are washed....but I still cannot sleep.

Lack of sex? Possibly, although I have not been in the mood for it lately.

Depressed? Again, a possibility, holidays and depression seem to go hand in hand for a large number of people.

Could it be because I can't breathe through my nose at the present time? That's a very good possibility. When even one side is clogged up it bothers the hell out of me.

I just don't know why I can't sleep but I'll try to, I'll go take some Nyquil and wait until it kicks in.

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