Older story #3  

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4/30/2006 1:20 pm
Older story #3

There is something different about makeup sex. It's not always as creative or wild but it feels like so much more. The emotional level is much higher and all the senses are heightened.

We had the worst fight last night. We hardly EVER fight. Thus it made it doubly painful for both of us. Stress levels were soaring due to the upcoming wedding and other situations.

After getting up in his face, crying my eyes out, we both realized that our relationship was worth far more than any of these problems.

As I crouched there over his prone body shaking, he gently put his hand on the skin on my waist and slowly drew me down onto him. Slowly wrapping his arms around me under my shirt. It was the most comforting hug I've experienced in a long time.

I shifted to my side and molded my body to his. My leg was wrapped over his waist and my face tucked into his neck. His hand gently stroking and smoothing my hair.

Predictably his cock started to grow. I could feel it on the back of my thigh. The mood changed from a comfort hug to arousal. He drew my face up and started kissing me. Slow, deep and gentle. His tongue probed my mouth and invited response. His hands went from just touching my hair to caressing my entire body. Slowly I felt the wetness of my own arousal.

He coaxed me into the top position and started to slide his cock into my wet pussy. The strokes were slow and smooth, his kisses getting more insistent. His hands roaming my body, finally finding their resting place on my hips. Guiding my movements on his cock. Showing me what he wanted and needed. What felt good and what he liked.

I started to grind on him, still moving fairly slow but using his body to it's fullest extent. I was slowly starting to build up, but it wasn't fast enough for him. He licked his finger and started to massage my clit. The pressure of his cock and his masturbation soon made me start to come. I could feel the warm waves starting in the small of my back and the shivers and shudders taking over.

I kept moving as I came, using my orgasm to build him up. Sliding the full length of his cock and back down again. Flexing my hips to take the most advantage of his full length. He didn't let me rest however, after the first orgasm started to die down he was back massaging my clit for another full strength orgasm that left me breathless. I rocked and slid on his cock without even thinking. I was just feeling the pleasure of coming on his large cock. Feeling it fill me and how every time I slid fully on it brought me another wave of pleasure.

Very soon he was ready for his own release. He told me that if I wanted him to come, I had to take it from him. This made me hot, I increased my speed. His hands guiding me to the best angles and I used every bit of internal muscles to milk his cock. Stroking and squeezing as I slid up and down, using my pussy to pleasure him.

His breathing soon became harsh on my neck, his hands became insistent, digging into my skin. I could tell his was getting close. This turned me on very much, I could feel myself getting wetter again. I also was close to coming. As he arched his back I would come down on him, sliding his full length. Over and over again until I couldn't take anymore and I came all over his cock once more, this pushed him over the edge and he grabbed hold of me, rammed his cock as deep as he could and completely unloaded himself into my body.

We lay there exhausted for several minutes. As our breathing returned to normal I grabbed the blanket, covered us up and curled up with him. We both fell deep asleep.

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