Older story #2  

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4/30/2006 1:19 pm
Older story #2

Last night was nothing short of amazing. There has been some serious tension in the air and between us in the past

few weeks. Getting married AND starting a new job left me with little humor, less energy and almost no sexual

Previous to this we have had a very active sex life. It was rare that we'd ever miss a day. Even if it was something simple as me giving him a random blowjob or him catching me going from here to there. Pulling me up

against him and sliding his hand down the front of my pants for a quick masturbation session that would leave me weak.

Fortunately, now all the events are over. Things are going back to normal. My schedules are settling out and we've had some talks that really cleared the air.

Then he admitted the next morning that he'd wanted to have sex. This is when I knew that things were getting better. I started to immediately get wet. I was sad in retrospect. I know we'd needed to talk, but now....knowing that I wasn't going to see him for several hours and then not actually be able to DO anything for several hours after that. Well, let's just say I got worked up.

Over the course of the afternoon, I replayed in my head everything I could remember. Everything that he did that drove me wild. All the positions and all the feelings. I literally could close my eyes and feel his hands sliding along my back, or the way his mouth traced along my neck until he found a sensitive spot to bite.

Finally, work was over and I was on my way to meet him for lunch. We had a nice time at the restaurant and I
realized I had my smile back again. I was VERY relieved. Then we went back to drop him off and we took the last few moments to kiss.

I love the way he kisses. It tells me everything about what he wants. At times aggressive, he wants what he wants and he wants it now. He forces his tongue in my mouth, his hands in my hair controlling my head. Taking what he wants and showing me how to give it. Then he will back off and become teasing, encouraging me to become the
aggressor. Still with his hands on my neck and fistfuls of hair, he'll let me show him how much I want him, getting quite worked up. I love the feeling of my tongue sliding against his. Feeling the smooth metal of his tongue ring on the tip of my tongue. I feel like I've been hit with an electric charge when he grabs my ring and tugs. I can feel myself getting wetter every time he does that. Then at he'll pull away, breaking our contact and just stare at me. Of course I can't move and I know he's looking to just how much I want him, to see the desire in my face and
eyes. I know with the way that he kisses me, I never have anything to fear.

Sadly, this is the cue for him to go back to work. Lunch isn't NEARLY long enough.

At home there's not much to do but wait for him so I ended up taking a bath. Work has given me a giant knot in the middle of my back and I was trying to get it to relax. While in the tub I made sure to cleanly shave my legs and pussy. I wanted to make sure that I tasted the best possible and that it was perfectly smooth. There'd been hints that I might get some up-close and personal attention there later.

Finally, I crawled in bed and fell asleep. I knew he'd not be home for a while.

I woke up to him putting the heated bed buddy against my back. The warmth made the muscles relax quite a bit. Then for the next step in "evict the knot" was to actually adjust my back. I stood up and he came up behind me. We are both naked and he is just slightly aroused. As he came into full body contact, I felt the smooth skin of my ass
come in contact with his pubic hair. His cock was actually pressed against my ass as well. As I relaxed against him, the cool air contrasted sharply with the warm skin of his chest. I could also feel his breath on my neck as I laid my head back on his shoulder. His warm breath made my skin tingle. I was getting turned on and all he'd done so
far was give me a hug from behind!

He lifted me off the ground and attempted to let my spine adjust, which slid my entire body along his for a warm and arousing moment. Unfortunately there was no relieving cracks. So he put me back on my feet and I attempted to loosen the muscles...by wiggling and twisting in his arms. Pressing my ass against him and letting his cock slide
over my smooth skin. His cock reacted quite predictably to the attention and began to rise.

Still on a mission to help my aching back he sits down on the bed, with all the pillows behind him and has me sit down between his legs. As I start to move into position he takes his hands on my ass and guides me to sit as close to him as possible. His semi-erect cock is pressed tightly to my ass. His hands go to work on the knot and are quite successful. Though I doubt I'll ever actually be free of it, he did an amazing job.

Quite relaxed now I lean back on him and we watch a movie. His warm skin touching mine, his breath in my hair, and his hands aimlessly wandering my body. He was unintentionally reminding me of the later planned events of the night.

The movie ended and we began to turn our attention on each other. The kissing begins again in earnest. The mild arousal that had been floating around during the backrub and movie, now became a huge flame. My skin was suddenly incredibly sensitive. He swiftly went from kissing my mouth to my neck. He quickly became aware that I was hypersensitive and VERY reactive.

Upon being asked why, I told him that it had been a long time since we'd had a REALLY good session and defiantly not since the wedding. We were due and I was full of anticipation. He gave me his slow lopsided grin and my heart took off.

It seems that he was taking my comments to heart. Kissing me so completely. He nipped my neck, traced down my chest to my breasts and nipples. Slid down to my waist and belly and even teased the tops of my thighs which were shockingly sensitive and arousing. Everything he kissed and touched was on fire. I could feel how wet my pussy was. I was so excited I barely could kiss him back. His hands and mouth were everywhere at once. Urging me and winding me up. When he was close enough I took his hard cock into my hand and caressed it. The amount of pre-cum was amazing. My whole hand was wet in a few strokes. I knew he was taking as much pleasure as he was giving me.

Somehow he managed to get me on my belly. I don't even remember moving. He was kneeling between my legs and I could feel his cock teasing me. It would slide along my ass and down to my pussy. It wouldn't actually slip inside no matter how much I wanted it. He kissed my back and neck. Rubbing me all over with his hands. Occasionally laying all his weight on me. When he'd do that I could move my hips and come so tantalizingly close to having him inside of me.

Then he started whispering to me. Words he's never said to me before. I felt like the world started spinning. Everything became magnified. I'd never felt closer to him, I'd never felt so loved and desired before. It was like suddenly he let me peek inside and let me see how he felt. I was jolted by this.

Between his words and the totaling closeness of his cock sent me over the edge. I came. HARD. I couldn't move or breath, I just let his cock tease me and the waves hit me again and again. I'm sure I was shaking but the pressure of his body was keeping me down. I came so hard I saw stars. He was whispering to me the whole time.

I heard him chuckle because he'd not even penetrated me yet. I don't think he understood what that did to me and it came as a shock to both of us.

However, he quickly slid his cock into my wet pussy and it felt like nothing else. His cock was so hard and the position was perfect. I could feel every inch that he slid in and out of me. This was going to be a multiples night I could see this now. He was still talking to me. Telling me how much he loved my body and what he was going to do to me.

He slowly and regretfully withdrew his cock. But that was the only way for his mouth and tongue to get into the action. He changed positions and slid down between my legs. Again he teased my thighs and worked up to his ultimate goal. After agonizing slowness he slowly drew his tongue up my pussy and came in contact with my clit. Once making contact he got serious. His tongue was literally dancing and causing me to build up again. As he was doing this he slid a few fingers into my pussy. As I came on his tongue, I was grinding on his hand. His fingers being more mobile caused me to have a strong multiple orgasm.

Not to be left out, he encouraged me to shift positions so we were in the 69 position with me kneeling on top and with him flat on his back.

I was able to finally take his cock into my mouth. I'd recently learned the technique to using a tongue ring to enhance the blow-job. I was carefully caressing his head with my tongue, putting suction and allowing the ring to slide up and over the ridge of this cock head. Then I'd alternate it with swallowing his cock down my throat. My throat was so tight I had to lick his shaft and keep it wet. It would slide down over my tongue and into my throat. I'd then swallow and I could hear him moan. I know that he was enjoying himself as much as I was. I could feel him getting harder as he was getting more aggressive with my clit. I removed my mouth from his cock and just streaked it as I came all over his face. I lost control and just reflexively shuttered and shivered. He was lapping it up and completely enjoying himself.

Finally after a few more orgasms I turned around. I wanted to feel his hard cock in my body. I wanted him to fill up my pussy and make me come. I leaned over him, straddled him and kissed him softly. I used my hips and pussy to make his cock stand straight up. I slowly let his head separate my pussy lips. His breathing became harsh and I could hear the blood in my ears. I slowly worked up and down on his cock. Never letting more than an inch in. Slowly sliding down taking his cock bit by bit. His hands were grabbing me. Squeezing me and scratching down my back. I could feel how bad he wanted to bury himself in me. But I was on top and teasing the hell out of both of us. In and out, bit by bit. I was slowly sinking down to him. Finally he broke. He grabbed me by the hips and drove himself deep into my body. It was the most exquisite thing I'd ever felt. I was so aroused that I almost came right then. As it was I took up the rhythm and within a few moments I could feel the shudders. His hands were on my hips, keeping me in place so that as I shuttered I was still being worked up. I built up so suddenly that when I came it was a shock. I became wild and bucked against him. I ground on his cock, trying to get every last sensation. Every time I came to front of my grind it would hit my clit and an I would skyrocket off again.

I finally came back to myself and noticed that he was breathing hard himself. His control is amazing. I could feel how swollen his cock was. I knew how wound up he was. He would start deep into my eyes. I could feel his intensity. I know that there was nothing he'd like better than to grab my hips and drive himself deep inside me and pump me full of his come. However he was intent on my pleasure as well.

He licked his finger and attempted to masturbate me with his cock still filling my pussy. Due to the position and the intensity of the previous orgasm it was limited success. However, I switched to one of his favorite positions. I laid down on his chest facing upwards. Then I slid his cock back into my soaking pussy. I was so wet there was little problem with doing that. My ear was next to his mouth. I could hear his rasping breath. Then I started to masturbate myself. His hands were free to roam over my taught belly, my breasts and my hips. He paid special attention to what little of my ass he could get his hands on. I was riding his cock while rubbing myself out. Then he began to tell me how much he liked this position and why. How he liked being able to touch me while I was coming. How he liked how I shuttered and shook randomly and freely without anything weighing me down. All this had the effect on me. I to grind hard on him, I could feel how close I was. My breathing became shallow and erratic. I was about to come. I braced my feet so that I could lift myself and get the deepest stroke of his cock possible. Every drive down brought me closer until finally I went over the edge. Bucking and twisting I came on his cock I could feel the muscles of my body milking his cock. Driving him closer to the edge.

He wanted one more from me. I wanted him to come in me. I wanted to feel his body tense and fill me. I wanted him to come inside of me.

But to get that I had to work for it. I again reached my hand down to my clit. It was slippery and warm. I could feel how the whole area was filled with blood from my arousal. I could also feel his cock where it entered my body. I could feel how intimately we were joined. I found my clit and started to massage it. It was so sensitive that I knew it wouldn't take long. Within a few moments I was again at the brink of orgasm. I could feel that the vibrations of my body were bringing him with me. This was more than I could handle. I started to come again. Everything I had tensed and released in rapid fashion. As I was doing this I could feel him start to come. His groan that told me it was near and the final rapid rough thrusting to come deep inside me.

Bathed in sweat we rolled to our side, still deeply joined and fell asleep. We slept like the dead...completely spent and in each other's arms.

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