Older story #1  

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4/30/2006 1:18 pm
Older story #1

This is a series of older stories that I had written sometime ago. I've not proofread them in a long time so please forgive some of the errors. I'll be back to edit them when I get some spare time.


One of the best things about his and my relationship is that even when there's friction. We get it fixed quickly. There's never been anything that's lasted very long. We either reach a compromise or find a way to fix it. Sometimes though just talking it out can make the bad feelings go away and everything is back to wonderful again. I really like that about the two of us. It feels so right.

Wednesday night I'd pretty much spent the day thinking about these clubs that he had been to. Since I've had never seen one, I pretty much had to just make it up in my mind. This kind of thinking and fantising got me pretty worked up.

Later that evening, I met him at work for his lunch. A definite perk of the day. I'm so glad that we've moved close enough that I'm able to do this on a regular basis. Before I left though we'd gotten into kissing, even though the girls were in the backseat making comments! Oh the kissing was good, especially when he got a bit aggressive and took a handful of my hair. The firm grip on my hair combined with his kissing and his tongue just makes me shiver. That combination makes me want to just break free and fuck him right then and there. While he's hands are busy, so are mine. Working over his chest, well-formed arms and of course the bulge in his pants. He knows how to drive me crazy. However, since he's on lunch (and we have a truck full of little girls) he released me and I had to go home. In quite a state I might add.

But by the time that he got home, I'd fallen asleep. Apparently, he came home at the normal time and I'd slept through his arrival. So he waited patiently (I think) to wake up. At about 1 the internal alarm clock snapped me awake and there he was sitting on the computer. As soon as he noticed that I'd woken up, he shut everything down and crawled into bed with me.

We cuddled up for a bit, but then he had to get up for another beer. When he came back, he kind of slid up the bed lengthwise and started eating me out. I was pretty sensitive and so I wasn't sure that I wanted him to do that at the moment. So we got talking about the previous private post and about my desire to actually go to one.

This kind of talk of course was very stimulating. He again went down on me, this time it felt very good. He moved so that we were in a sideways 69 and I was able to lick and suck on his cock. This was defiantly a very enjoyable feeling. I love the feel of his cock in my mouth. The taste and texture of his pre-cum on my tongue. The whole sensation being heightened by his tongue on my pussy and his fingers opening me up and sliding in.

This didn't last too long as he was becoming increasingly ticklish to my mouth and tongue. He quickly reversed positions and I climbed on top. I was quite wet from the previous attention, so his cock slid right in. This is a very good position for us. I quite enjoy the freedom of movement. I can regulate the speed and angle and thus change the experience and he gets to relax and watch the show!

Since there was nothing in my mouth at the moment and it wasn't a kissing moment I began to ask him about what he thought our experience at the clubs might be like. Whispering in his ear how I would pick out the guy, what I would let him do to me. Asking him how this would make him feel. Mentally building up what I thought the experience was going to be like.

He was getting quite excited by the mental imagery and I was too, however my shoulder started to ache. So another position change was an order. I was going to stay on top and just reverse myself so that my backside was against his stomach. But he had other ideas.

He quickly rolled over and folded my legs up and thrust deeply inside of me. The fantasy was having it's desired effect. I kept on about what I wanted to see, and who I wanted to have sex with and how. I kept thinking of every detail that I possibly could, imagining how it was going to feel. Taking this new man into my body. Letting him touch and explore every nerve. Having this strange person make me come on him, allowing him to completely take me with his every whim. Knowing that he is watching every movement. Listening to every sound taking it all in.

This fantasy wound him up so effectively that I had to completely stop for a minute or else he was going to lose control. Admitting that I wanted to do this in real life, not to just have this as a fantasy along with several grinds of my hips, working my pussy over his cock was more than enough to send him over the edge.
I love the feel of him coming deep inside of me. His hips slam up against me, driving his cock deep inside of me, I feel his cock swell and unload. His breath in my hair is shutters and his breathing is shallow and rapid. I love the feeling when he collapses in complete exhaustion and satisfaction on top of me.

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