Outdoors by the freeway, naked and jerking off  

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9/2/2006 7:36 pm

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Outdoors by the freeway, naked and jerking off

I was contacted by an older guy that wanted to watch me do my strip and stroke thing. We chatted one evening and traded stories. Seems he too is an exhibitionist and loves to show off. He told me about his favorite spot that he likes to drive to and walk around naked while jerking his dick. He asked if I wanted to meet him there late some evening, so I of course said "fuck yeah".

So one Saturday night I was home naked feeling really horny and jerking off when he e-mailed me. Asked if I wanted to meet him at his spot. I agreed and got the directions and said I'd be there around midnight. I put on a skimpy pair of workout shorts, a zippered warmup jacket and some flip flops and went on my way.

The place is off a freeway in "the valley" here in the LA area. It's a street that parallels the freeway and dead ends in a cul de sac that has no buildings on it. The nearest apartment building is about 1 big block down the dark street... plenty of opportunity to see headlights coming up the street and duck into the car.

I pulled up behind his car and waited for him to get out of it. I was already naked at this point so when I saw him emerge I got out of my vehicle as well. I followed him over to the other side of his car so we were on the grassy area furthest from the street and closer to the freeway fence. It was a perfect night to be outside naked... warm with a nice breeze and dim moonlight.

He started stroking his cock (which was pretty big and thick!) when he saw me so I did the same. I went and stood before him and we jerked off in silence looking at one another's hard dick while keeping an eye on the street.

After a few minutes I got hornier and a little bolder so I walked back to the cars and stood in the street next to them on the driver's side. He followed and we continued to stroke our hard cocks. He reached over and fondled my big balls while I jerked my dick, then I let go of it so he could get a feel of it if he wanted. Of course he went for it and started to stroke it for me, causing me to precum even more than before.

Then we thought we saw headlights so we darted for out cars and I began pulling my shorts on, but it was a false alarm. The car had pulled into the garage of the building or turned onto a sidestreet. Regardless it was a rush and only made me hornier. So I pulled off my shorts and got out of the car as did he. Emboldened, I walked into the middle of the circle, facing the street and potentially oncoming traffic. He came up in front of me and we both started jerking off again.

Standing naked and hard as a rock in the middle of the cul de sac, the feeling of the air on my cock, balls and ass, his hand on my nipples and balls, the cars on the freeway nearby were too much and I knew I was going to cum. I told him I was about to shoot and he said he was going to do the same. I blew first, giving my thick hard cock some good hard strokes that sent me over the edge. My brown cock spewed thick white cum all over the street, giving me that feeling you only get when you blow your load naked outdoors. He immediately blew his load upon seeing my cock erupt and he shot an even bigger load than I did, some of which land on my leg. Quite impressive for his age I thought.

We shook our cocks dry of cum and said bye and got into our cars. I wiped the residue of cum and precum off my softening dick and pulled on my shorts. Then I changed my mind and pulled them off again. I wanted to drive home stark naked.

I drove home and pulled into my garage. It was around 1 am at this point. I was still horny so I got out of my car naked and jerked another quick load out there in the garage by my car. Then I pulled on my shorts and went into the lobby and into the elevator and back to my apartment, thinking about what an exhibitionist perv I am for doing these crazy naked things. But... I was relieved, satisfied and slept soundly that night!

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9/2/2006 8:06 pm

That's really hot

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