still the story goes on  

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7/11/2006 3:24 pm
still the story goes on

So as I wait for yet another bomb to drop I am waiting for something else to go.
I received a call from an old friend I haven't heard from since I moved hee. SHe said she heard from a friend that I was faling on hard times and needed a friend. She is coming into town from LA tomorrow. I am a little worried about this one because this woman is a little more personal and is someone I have had a history with in the past. what's more she is one of those people you always quetions yourself about leaving in the first place.
You see, I loved this other woman a long time ago. We'll call her Mary. Mary was for all intent and purposes a woman I had lived with and we had a hot and heavy history.NO JOKE!
I was not sure we'd ever commit or anything but it was an open enough relationship that if I saw another woman, she'd at least want to know if she was any good in bed or if there was a some hiddne feature to the woman I had shagged for the night.
Now she is a different woman. She is bitter (not towards me) and she seems to have this agenda of getting me "home"
I told her it was okay and I was seeing my "angel" I wanted nothing more right now. But she has insisted on coming out and it occurs to me that she is serious. I need to pick her up and get her to her hotel where she can reant a car. but honestly I can't just do this. I am in the dilema of walking away now and I am trying to decide if this is okay. I almost feel like I need permission to see Mary from Angel, but then again I am not sure this is an issue.
And if you add to this the couple who still haven't called me to see about wendover and You can see this is pretty much a wild hairball. That couple has been talking to me in passing and checking if I am "game" with this but it is like something I am not looking forward to.
Bliss, Laughter, Bliss, Worry, worry, worry, bliss(maybe) and then guilt.
I will feel like I am betraying my angel.
I have to laugh because some evil Genie must have been listening when I said i wanted to meet a few people and have an adventure this summer.
Oh man am I
I know, I know. 20 year fro now I'll look back on this and laugh.

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