The plot thickens!!!!  

JudexBasksSluts 47M
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7/7/2006 7:25 am
The plot thickens!!!!

Well,.. here we go again.
So the Neighbor is cheating on her husband and here i am not only fully knowing what is going on but watching as they hobnob with others and each other. (emphasis on each other) I keep thinking to myself what complications are going to arise. I not only want to say something but I am dying inside because I have to keep quiet. Oh the usupense is KILLING ME!!!
Anyways, I am thinking that they may be just trying to find a way to keep me quiet. I hope murder isn't on their list, and it wouldn't be a first right?
So I am watching them talk and I walk over in a swaggering manner and chat with them. Oh what a 4th of July this is so far and the Bar Be Que is just a buzz with all the neighbors from our community. Too bad I couldn't be a comedian. I would have knocked out the house.
"Ever been to Wendover?" I asked them both with an evil grin.
"We don't gamble.", is what she replied with.
"I of course Do", I go on,"but I do go to wendover occasionally to escape momentarily"
The guy looked at her for a second and then at me and said '"Isn't that Mesquite?"
"Yeah.", I answered almost laughing,"but, it's closer to Wendover"
Well, later that night as I cleaned up my fireworks, she came over and asked me to cover for them.
Again it is worth my while, she tells me, but I told her I am not interested in her.
She said that wasn't what she was getting at and 100 dollars could be in my pocket.
I told her it better be good. because i wasn't going to agree blindly.
I am intersted by pure Morbid curiouslty.
Really, this may be a bad moon rising now.

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