And Still another story,.....  

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7/3/2006 1:57 pm
And Still another story,.....

So, It can be said I am an attractant to weird and unusual. I have often boasted that the world's only Talking dog will find me and sit down and if he isn't giving me his loose change on his views of the world, he will be telling me his own troubles. (He probably will like tequilla too. )
But, I am still waiting for this dog, and so with this in mind I go on to explain my latest interlude of weirdness.
I told you last time that I was approached and kissed in anger by this woman that I didn't pay attention too. She was the apple of the eye of the "server" boy who worked at the very restaurant I am now typing away at right now. (Don't worry he is off today and its at a different time of the day) It seems my friend who did this has not been around as well, and after cautiously making sure no one I knew was there I have again sat down to type and practice my writing skills.
I work on an oncall basis. So it's a sporadic schedule with me either getting paid to collect dust or to runn all over creation. This weekend is no exception. I was called and off to work i was to go.
Now I am by no means a moral compass. It's a little known thing I hang out here and even a more discreet relationship I hold momentaritly. I have had bliss and fear run through me here and frankly it's a thrill drug I am hooked on. I am usualy the one shocking people and lately I have been the one shocked. This journey is never ceasing and quite adventuresome. So it's without further adieu I give you my next event in this weird saga of AdultFriendFinder.
I went to work and was asked to service some stalls for a restaurant that needs to be able to communicate their orders to their customer. Granted it's not rocket science, but all the same it was without ANY hitches and so I was packing up and making sure everything worked. My day seemd to be quick and extra pay was in order. It was when I was getting ready to leave when weirdness takes over and my world once again gets rocked.
The car pulls in and there is this woman I recognize. She is by herself and the stern look into her mirror shows me she is unaware I am standing there and so I move to one side and wave to get her atention. She, of course, is surpirsed and was about to give me grief when she in turn recognozed me. You se she is a neighbor who lives very close to my house and I am absurdly wondering why she is here, when she had told someone else I know a few days before, she was gonna be in wendover that morning. (hmmmmm.)
I see the terror in her eyes and its offical in my mind. She was "meeting" someone. It's a great thing when you see things and refuse to do anything malicious. but now I know I had something in common with this woman, and so I just smiled my crooked smile and tried to innocently strike up a conversation to try and diffuse the situation. As she rolled down her window, I was rushing to come up with a witty opening line but what came out was "Fancy meeting you here!"
"I am just getting a quck bite to eat befire I head off. I was gonna pick up a friend but they canceled at the last minute", she explained and smile balefully.
I am sure I must be inamgining things at this point and decide I am just judging too quickly and perhaps I am not as sober as I thought I was. I was tempted to check my breath but stopped mid action and decided I would press this to be sure.
"Yeah i got called out here to fix this stall and I almost done", I told her and again I made a motion to my tool kit and parts on the stall right there. She nods her head in realization and so asks abotu life at home. 'Not what I thought' I said to myself as we talked further.
Then I saw "him".
It wasn't her husband, and for sure this was not just a chance ashe honked his horn going by. (he probably thought I was a server or something) But her eyes immediately turned up to her rear view mirror and that same colorless palor showed up in her face. You know, the one where you might have been caught? (It's one I am familiar with)
She looks at me as she realizes I have been watching her and she immediately confesses.
"Look, I need to be straight with you, I am cheating on my husband", she admits," and I can't let him find out."
"So are gonna kill me?", I asked.
"No", she says and scowls at me," and I am going to ask if you stay silent. PLEASE! I will make it worth your while."
I chuckle and tell her it would be kinda weird to do that since she is so close to home.But she is insistent.
"Okay I will try to do as you say but don't worry about the 'worth my while' part. It's not cool and I don't want to make you do anything", I tell her.
She gets out and beckons over the guy she is meeting and says, "It's safe."
He trots on over and smiles like he just was let loose into the hen house and his fox self has just been revealed.
So after a brief introduction and a small explanation, we part ways and my promise of silence once again made known. I know there is a desperate housewife close by, and I have met her Bo. I wonder what the babecue at the 4th will look like now that I know? Worse, I know I am writing this all here but I never DID promise I wouldn't write about it. So I compromised. Vagued story, and Jist details. I think something is on the Horizon. Is there something I am missing?

Happy 4th all

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