Last night....  

rm_J2004K 49M
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7/3/2006 5:25 pm
Last night....

I enjoyed sucking and fucking in the park with guy... He gasped and seem to feel so good though he said he was not interested in gay sex. Of course his cock was expanded by my sucking, and after he took off his clothes by hiself he took my clothes away. I said "You don't need to touch me. I want you to feel my sucking and licking and touching." But he touched my body and... his hand has expanded my hard cock finally... He said "In the erection of cock doing fellation, you are a terrible guy" when my penis was grasped, and he moved to externals very much, and felt after a sensitive nipple groping my body. Suddenly he shouted "COME!" and he held my head and has ejaculated in my mouth with the shout as the waist violently going into convulsions back and forth. He held my head, goes into convulsions violently back and forth the waist, and has ejaculated in my mouth while raising the great shout. A violent gush of semen was not installed easily. He forcibly pulls my mouth apart from his cock by himself when finishing ejaculating, piles up his lip with surprising swiftness with me though is his own semen, and the tongue has been put in my mouth. I could not have depended too much while he licked and raised in my mouth because resisting because of the surprise also clung. When I noticed, do the clasp of his cock of man who was not finishing still withering as he twining with the tongue each other and I was starting jerk off...
He said sure to be not interested in sex with guy, but after that, he fucked me and came twice.

rm_in2u1976 41M
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7/21/2006 11:47 am

That was Hot. Tell me more. Wow. I am sitting here Hard as a rock from reading your story. Oh my goodness.

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