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3/31/2005 2:48 pm

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I did not make love with none last month (March). My cock hurts and be easy to erect soon like to say wanting to masturbate, to scatters white juice, and to make love to someone. My ass have not been fucked for a long time, at least a month or two monthes. Of course I have not sucked any cock... I think sometimes I don't care even if the guy whoever he is straights and will do to me nothing, let me suck their cock. I have sucked two straight guys before.

First one, I got acquainted in the sauna in the public bath. The man was a muscularity, a good body, and has a splendid cock. I was going to stop my car to a pitch-dark place by the promise "You may not do anything" and to suck in the car. His cock already erected hard and when I sucked his voice has been leaked. He said my sucking was so good but he ejaculated soon and my sucking was finished... He had shocked to be ejaculated by the male, he said nothing till his apartment.

Second one, It got acquainted in the internet. Though I live with my family and usually I can invite none into my house, but I had a chance to invite him because my family was out on their trip. I invited him into my room, and took him off his suit, his cock didn't erect. But it would erected soon when I just started to touch and lick his sensitive place. His body was very sensitive. He have said "I could not understand gays why a guy feels so good and wants to make love with a guy" when he entered into my room, I have made up my mind to let him ejaculate to insert into his ass my point finger only. His ass was sensitive and when I licked his ass was getting looser and looser. And when I inserted my point finger into his ass and touched his prostate, he seemed to feel so good. I said nothing I massaged his prostate one or two minutes, his semen overflowed from his cock. Of course he cried and said to stop to massage it because he felt incompatibility in his body, but I did not stop, and he ejaculated powerfully, his body going into convulsions.
After first his ejaculation, I asked him to feel how. He said so good and he understood why gays feel so good and want to make love with guys.
I let him ejaculate three times till the morning. I inserted his ass enemagra and dilt his last ejaculation. I allow him to do nothing according to the promise, but his body seemed to have remembered the pleasure loved by a man... His gay sense began to awake. And the sun rised, he went back to his home. I got his mail that evening. He was sure to feel so good and he seemed to have gay sense, but he have not want to admit to be a gay... But... I was convinced that he might enjoy with guys while denying that he was a gay.

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