I want sex  

rm_Islandmankw 43M
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5/27/2006 10:14 pm

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1/14/2009 4:46 pm

I want sex

I want sex with someone. I am married but my wife working every night from 10 to 7am, now don't hate me but she makes now effort for it and I (if you want to label me ) am a guy.

It's not that because I am a guy I want sex its because I happen to be in love with the female body. I think women are the most beautiful things on the planet. But you can blame me even women like other women body and I mean strictly in a nonsexual way.

I hope this site is not about judgements and to be prefectly honest if I did have sex and my wife asked I would tell her the true. I do believe in that and I have already. Once and she asked so I told her, now I was not trying to hurt her but she is not the most sexual person in the world. She started quit well and after marriage it stopped I don't know why and don't care. All I know is I want sex.

I have only done it once since the first time and she didn't ask but I think she knows. That was about two yrs now and I guess I not since is because I have not find the right person. Not to say the I have been planning to Because I have had chances it just hard to fine a woman that is just alright with a sex thing.

I think alot of women say they can handle it but I don't think most women can. Why else do the run when I tell them. I let them show interest in me and then I make sure they know before ANYTHING happens. Personally I think it's because most women are still hoping for a relationship if they get intimate with someone. Tell me if I am wrong ?? I'm not one of the guy who make stone statements if I'm wrong I say so No exscues.

Now I am not looking to replace anyone but I would love to enjoy a passionate night or two with an attractive woman. Now that leads to my Next question is it passion or love or lovemaking or fucking

and can you fuck passionately ???? Well that will be my next late night blog

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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5/28/2006 1:09 am

Just like in real life you'll find your share of narrow-minded petty people on here. Thankfully there also are real and true peepz, many of them in the blogz even

welcome to blogging, gud luck....

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