Sumo wrestling and Baby sitting  

rm_Isandria 39F
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4/13/2006 11:43 am
Sumo wrestling and Baby sitting

Today I spent the day entertaining my nine month old cousin. We sang Stevie Wonder songs while watching the news. It was time for her nap so we laid down on the futon, I flipped a couple of channels and ended on ESPN. I am not a sports aficionado. I don't watch basketball, football, baseball, or Nascar. But by some coincidence the one sport I do enjoy watching came on. I was so excited that I stayed until the tournament was over. My absolute favorite sport to watch is Sumo wrestling. I love the theatrics, the 1500 yr old history, the athleticism. Those huge thongs . Am I attracted to Sumo Wrestlers? Not really. But am I a lover and appreciator of the sport? Most definitely. Are there any other lovers of non-conventional sports out there or am I the only one?

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