Ahh back on-line but on a different site???  

rm_Invictus256 48M
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6/27/2006 1:26 pm
Ahh back on-line but on a different site???

Yes it all began Friday morning, strange as stories for me tend to begin in the evening , anyway.

I logon to the site as normal and lo and behold a new message for me excellent I think. I go to check it and find page not found appears on the screen.

Mmm must be a browser problem I think, anyway things to do people to meet . I logon again later on Friday, still same problem. I know I'll send an email to the AdultFriendFinder helpdesk it's at this point I find out that anytime I go near anything on the site that has www.profile.AdultFriendFinder page not found appears (including contacting the helpdesk).

By Saturday I now have two new emails and still no way of logging on. It's just as well I don't have too much hair left to pull out as the frustration is starting to build . I thought I would try and phone the helpdesk who were very helpful until they ran out of ideas and then cut me off .

You see it's obivious I'm logging in so if the lady who sent me the email sees this, she'll think I'm quite ignorant not replying. Into Sunday I'm able to at least talk to help desk via a different email address, still no luck.

Monday comes I'm really frustrated now I've not replied to two emails which I've had for over 72 hours I hate not doing that. Now comes the helpdesk email of choice, try a different set of urls the programming dept are looking at your problem. Which was good as that was the day that my AdultFriendFinder billing came off my credit card so suddenly this months £25 is not wasted . The urls don't work still can't get email.

Today I'm up early as I need to check email from work, after I do that I decide to check AdultFriendFinder again still not able to view email, as a last resort I click on the Adultrealsex url and login, hang on it's worked.

Joy of joy, a lap of honour around the room 96 hours late I'll be able to reply to these emails. Email number two is from AdultFriendFinder what pictures to upload hmmmmmmm. First email is from a lady oh well hope she doesn't think too badly of me. The email contains five words "Sorry not interested too young".

The moral of the story is reply when you can and don't waste time worrying if you can't, hey at least she thought I looked young .

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