Massage Parlour at Jakarta = Place to fuck?  

rm_InnoJaxeL 39M
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8/29/2006 2:35 am
Massage Parlour at Jakarta = Place to fuck?

Trully, i just jump into this thing couple months ago.
There is a famous local web site that shows address and contact number almost all massage parlour in Jakarta, and all arround big cities in Indonesia.

At the beginning, i was travel to some parlour by myself and with lack of experience and knowledge regarding the world or massage.

I've tried Delta Kelapa Gading, and spent almost 600K rupiahs just for spa and massage + hand job. (With that cost, you can pick a call girl and have a nice fuck job for the whole night)

I've tried Sari Mustika, Wijaya, spent less then 200K. But what did i got? A huge woman that estimate wieght arround 80KG. Even though she give me hand job, still it didn't turn me on.

And somewhat-somehow, i have an opurtunity to come to a member (of web site i told you about) gathering in some massage parlour in Sunter. And from the member i knew, that we should know which massage girl can be fuck, and which massage on just for hand job.

And from this time also knew, that almost all of the massage parlour can have "service plus"

Now, with just arround 300K, i can get a delicate spa and "plus" massage.

rm_adhessiva 45M

10/24/2006 5:31 am

hi inno, i'm curious bout the gathering, when's the next one? btw, what's the website addy, bro? thx

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