rm_InkedNate 35M
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5/7/2006 12:56 pm

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Are Tattoos Hot??
Yes On Guys
Yes On Girls
Yes On Both
No On Guys
No On Girls
No On Both


5/7/2006 1:26 pm

You needed to put yes on both. I have tats and love guys with tats.

rm_1SweetBitch 56F
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5/7/2006 1:39 pm

I put depends...I have a few tattoo's myself (7) and I did not get them because I thought others would find me hot...I got them because they all have deep meaning for me

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rm_InkedNate 35M
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5/7/2006 2:24 pm

I here you on the meaning thing, I never would have started my tattoo, or gotten one had it not had meaning to me. Especially on the size it is going to be. But I agree with you it does depend. And to get one because you think people think they are hot, definately not the way to go. I say tattoos should have some meaning at least to the person, I mean they are with you the rest of your life.

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