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9/11/2006 3:02 am

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Video production

I'm ultra pissed now, My camera is dead!!!
Yes, the camera I've used on Hundreds of wrestling shows has finaly died. I was reworking it lastnight cuz the light wasn't working, and I fried it. Why didn't I use the warrenty... well thats been up for about 2 years now. I could go buy a new one but the one I really want to get is about $2,000.
I still do have my small memory stick camera but thats all I got. The thing that sucks about that one is the picture is choppy cuz its designed for still shots and non-moving stuff. Take for example the video of my match at Neo Pro Wrestling, all choppy. I think that was because of all the collor movement in the background. Damn oiled up skinny wrestlers! hehe, j/k.

But I'm getting paid this week and I'm going for a new camera, I'm probably getting a DVD camera. They got a sweet one in Rochester at best buy. Why go to Rochester, cuz its kinda close, but west st. paul is too. Dunno where I'll go for it. Either way I'm gettin me a new camera!


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9/11/2006 3:37 am

I need to get a camera period!

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