The fuck is a Strange Brownie?  

rm_Indybrownie 34M
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8/18/2006 5:11 pm
The fuck is a Strange Brownie?

So time for another post! yay!

I guess I should explane why I'm called Strange Brownie. That isn't my real name. If your lucky I'll send you my real name.

For the past 4-5 years I've been involved in pro-wrestling. Yep, just like the WWE/WWF. I was trained at Midwest Pro Wrestling in Maple Grove. When I started I didn't have the name Strange Brownie. I had the name James Matthews. I started by managing a guy named Joessiah and with a friend named Weird Cookie.
As a prank they changed my name for 1 show to Strange Brownie. Saddly, the crowd took to it too well. So I had to stick with it for 5 YEARS! It was all good. I had WAAY too much fun as Strange Brownie. I couldn't tell you how much ass I got with that name. Actually I only got 1 chick outa it. But its cool.

You gotta understand that Pro-Wrestling is a part of my life. Will it take over my life, no. I'm very involved with it on the indy sceen. I've been able to meet MANY WWE wrestlers and have friends sign with WWE. Will I ever sign, nope. I just love what I do on the Indy sceen.

Well thats all for now, gotta get ready for the strip club. Gotta get teased by strippers tonight and work tomarrow.


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