First post!!  

rm_Indybrownie 34M
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8/14/2006 4:30 pm
First post!!

Yes, I finaly dished the cash for this site deal. Why, because I am currently single again. I broke up with my last girlfriend about 8 months ago and want to get back on the dating sceen, or even just have alittle fun with some woman/women.

Aside from hooking up with women I've been working hard and long at my day job. 10+hours, 6 days a week. yea it sucks but the money is good. I currently work for HEarth and Home Tech in Lake City. What do I do, I bend fireplace doors! WHOO! yea sounds just like fun doesn't it. Meh.

I also am celebrating my birthday this Saturday night after a long day of work. I'm debating on going to the cites to the "Deja Vu" or to Hager City, wi to "Border Lounge". We'll see where the weekend brings me.


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