First REAL ring accident  

rm_Indybrownie 34M
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9/10/2006 12:22 am
First REAL ring accident

So tonight was my last show for ARW, and the match SUCKED! THe finish got thrown to fuck cuz the ref didn't know how to end it. I had to cut 3 promos during 1 match! Damn.
Well the finish of the match caused me getting thrown off the ring to the outside and land on the ground. I landed weird and I'll be damned... I ripped my underpants! I shit you not I ripped them by falling down. Not bending over or anything just falling. So I had to go through a 3 hour show with torn underpants on! I just got home and finaly changed them cuz I didn't pack an extra pair in my bag. All I can say is, that sucked.


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