The Hitchhiker Part 2  

rm_Icechips 41M
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3/23/2006 8:52 am
The Hitchhiker Part 2

...with my eyes closed and her hands caressing my chest over my nipple rings, she "pinches" , the blood rushed so fast to my meat stick that I almost wobbled and collapsed in the steamy pool. With her sensuous nibbles on my body, she reaches down and pulls my shorts off, *self* "she not wasting anytime", hearing her gasp with cock in hand she goes under the warm pool to my throbbing flower splitter, al the while pinching my nipples and gulping the royal down like a blowfish and its food....with nothing to brace myself with I grab her hand and her shoulder, glancing to my left the lifting condesate fog.. I see a blonde on the side banger herself as she watches in anticipation, I smile non chalontaly @ her, as though inviting her to the session we are about to endure....

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