rm_I_GOTTA_10 29M
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5/30/2006 8:51 pm

i think its about time to get stoned, and goddamn is it bright in here. i cant stand it yet i am too fucking lazy to turn off the cocking lites. oh damn, maybe i should just go to bed. it is too fucking early, but i am too horny to care. there is no one here to do, maybe sleep will help......i doubt it though. i would just be this way then when i wake up. shit, life is too complicated. well maybe not, but i dont give half a shit and two farts about anything right now.i need a cigarette. i will be back. (pause for a moment) ok im back. goddamn, i thing i should start going to sleep before two in the fucking morning. maybe that is the cause of the tired/horny-ness.
well, talk to you fuckers later,


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