What is being bi-sexual all about?  

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12/16/2005 8:33 pm

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What is being bi-sexual all about?

First of all, if you are bi-sexual, then you have to be gay first. Now just think about that. What it says is that you have to have feelings for the same sex in order to be considered bi-sexual. So, I am a gay man, first. Because I am married happily and love my wife very much, does not prevent me from having feelings about men. So, most of us real straight dudes just call ourselves bi-sexuals and somehow this doesn't give us a stigma and our friends can't call us queer, fagot, or gay. We don't want to be called cocksuckers. In the clubhouse at the golf club, that kind of talk just ruins our whole day.

What is it to be bi-sexual. Well, as near as I can figure it out...it means that I can be intimate with a man as well as a woman and have sexual pleasure. I am addressing the issue of bi-sexuality without the LOVE ingredient. To be in love is not the issue here. Bi-sexual feelings to me are pure pleasure and not to express deep enduring love for another male. Anytime that I have been with another man it was for the sexual pleasure that both of us had. Mutual pleasure is not a bad bargain. Most of us guys when we were young jacked each other off and had shot contests to see how far we could cum when it went off. Some of us even sucked each other. And most of us got married to a nice girl and lived happily ever after. But, a whole lot of us remembered being with another guy when we were young, as we got older; and started wondering how that would be now. Not wanting to be called gay; we tried to find other ways to get around society. I was lucky. My wife and I played around as swingers. One day, the first time; the girls wanted to see us two guys suck each other. After all, we just watched the girls together and wouldn't it only be fair to watch the guys? So, because an older guy in my school had got me started in the Boy Scout Camp; I had sucked before and secretly I wanted to do it again at 45 yrs old. I did and he kind of was forced to do it, too! The girls said, "Aw, come on now. if he can do it, so can you." After that, whenever we got together, we played all the way together. By the way, how many of you can say that you sucked your best friend with your wife. Sucking his long stem from each side and meeting her lips and kissing after we both lick his tip of the cock is exciting. How many have had your wife lick his balls while you suck his cock. His wife is kissing him and he is coming unglued. It is fun. I love cock. I know that makes some women especially very nervous. But, I personally think that boobs and cocks are the best of the sexual adornments. Now as to what is your favorite, that is for you to keep to yourself. An answer to that question will put you into an argument when you should be playing and not discussing body parts.

vuderhose 46M

12/16/2005 9:03 pm

That's called Hedonism. Et, tu, Brutus?

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