What an awesome weekend!!!  

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2/23/2005 1:58 pm

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What an awesome weekend!!!

My weekends start on Sunday night (Monday & Tuesdays off)

This weekend, I only have one word for it...
She came to work on Sunday night to see me. She left this afternoon. The best three days I have ever had. We drove to Kissimmee on Monday to replace her Valentine gift (the first one broke before I could give it to her) then we drove around Orlando looking for apartments (yes, she wants to move in with me - *JOY*). We found a few "possibles" that we'll follow up on in the nest few days. On Tuesday, we went to Daytona and then, when we came back, we watched a couple movies ("Big Fish" and "From Hell"). Three nights in a row of the best loving I have ever known. She lights me up!!!

I am so in love with her that I feel incomplete when she isn't here... Like part of my soul is missing. I am not pining for her, more like excited anticipation of when I'll see her next.

When the phone rings and it is her on the other end, it is like the conversation never paused... It is as though no time has passed since we last spoke.


Have a great day, All!

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