Sometimes I shock myself  

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3/9/2005 9:13 am

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Sometimes I shock myself

So I am at happy hour. I start shooting the shyt with some folks I just met. In the group is a woman that while her face is not the most attractive, her body was smoking. Howard Stern calls them the butterfaces. Now I am far from a gq model mind you. I think since I did not feel intimidated by her looks I became more bold perhaps? So i start talking with her more and more. I was making more eye contact etc etc.

As happy hour dwindles down, its me and her and 2 other guys. The two guys decide they want to goto a nudie bar. I say thanks but no. I tell them I want to get a bite to eat. The woman said that sounds like a great idea. So off we went for some diner. Yes diner's exist outside new jersey lol.

As we get to talking and eating at the diner I test out her interest. I casually move my leg so it touches hers. She starts rubbing her leg against mine under the table. Needless to say we did not ask for dessert after eating. We made it back to my place and had a wild time. Then, when we were finished she asked for my number and said she would call me next time she does a happy hour.
I asked for her number and she said her living situation is not good and its best if she calls me!

All I wanted in the begining of the night was some wings and beer!

I shoulda played the lottery that night!

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