Seven seconds  

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1/22/2006 12:15 pm

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Seven seconds

7 seconds of compassion
7 seconds of peace
7 seconds to remember love
7 seconds to to remember all that is good
7 seconds to forget all my hurt and pain
7 seconds of faith
7 seconds to trust her again
7 seconds of control
7 seconds of apathy
7 seconds to destroy
7 seconds to rest

Hello all well i say all but it has gust dawned on me the number seven is constantly in my day to day life! take the for instants I'm currently doing two books for my BA course one of which currently on the drawing board is a story of seven people and i wanted to have seven key points in there individual story's that span over seven months!

and in the other book the people how dominate the story there character drawings were seven a piece!

it all so apply to here as well i mean only seven people have looked at my page and more to the point seven people read my last offering that is below this post!

is it me or am i imagine it to be so! i think i need to ask my self what does seven mean to me?
or i just need seven winks

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