Countless hours  

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6/6/2005 6:20 pm

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Countless hours


time for another rendering of the jules verne classic
take your places centrifuges and bask in the spinning of time and space withing the connections in the brain located atwix the lobes.

I don't really mind at all if people think my style is stupid, half the language shouldn't be where it is, lost on lofty loafs and languid lemurs no-one else kan spell that well.


the space between lines on a screen is not really space at all, in fact it's wrought with ones and zeros, the bliss of fiberous surface on which to scratch note is less commonplace, I did get a letter in the mail however, so maybe the pace of time has been blurred and not really time at all, even greater, a perception of time varies from individual to individual, but it's actual passing aswell varies from one to the next perception so the question becomes multidimensional, not only is time faster or slower from one person to the next, but is their perception of it acurate, more importantly what is governed by the passing of time and would someone's experience of it have any more significance than someone else's based on their perception.


think on that.

get back to me,

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