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4/25/2005 7:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


This is the moment where I lose all reason and comprehension.

I utter nothing save an unintelligible, quiet groan. But the sound doesn't seem to be from me.

I am close to the cosmos.

My eyes see, but do not register. I can hear in the distance the woman beneath me, my lover, gasping, perhaps speaking, but if they are words, I do not understand them, they are from somewhere I am not.

If there was a scent in the room, I have lost it. My senses are dulled. Save for touch. And it has even changed.

I recall in the past, when I began; I felt pleasure wrapped around my sex. Now, I am beyond that. I am elsewhere. My body has been left behind to sink into the body I was joined with. I am part of eternity, and beyond caring about mortal things.

In this moment, there is no time. Too soon, though, it returns. I see, and hear, and smell and taste, but my soul is diminished. My solace is that she is there to catch me and embrace me, and send me again to eternity.

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