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You asked for it, you’ve got it! Here’s what I can recall about the time I slept with my girlfriend, Lauren. When I started writing this, I doubted that I would remember it very well. But it all came back to me as I went along–I used to fantasize about this often for many years after it happened, so I must have imprinted the experience into my brain pretty well!

This was in 1979 or 1980 I believe, so times were a bit different then and so was I! I would have been about 28 years old and she was a couple of years younger. You know me–I like to write, so I will give you all the details–LOL!

I worked with Lauren at a veterinary clinic. I was the receptionist and she was the veterinary technician. Not long after I started working with her, she broke her leg, so we actually switched jobs. I had a two-year degree in veterinary science, so it worked out perfectly. She was a very sweet young woman but not very bright, especially when it came to men. I had just gotten divorced, or was in the process of doing so, and she just had just broken up with a crazy boyfriend.

Lauren had a huge crush on this man, Greg, who worked at our favorite music club in downtown Portland. He booked the bands there, and I must say he was very attractive! She was so very shy, though, he never would have known if I hadn’t told his friend!

Greg, I felt, took advantage of this situation when, one night after the club closed, they came over to my house for some drinks. I went to bed upstairs after awhile and they proceeded to make-out on my couch. Of course, one thing led to another and soon they were having sex.

This went on for quite awhile because, as I found out later, he had taken some cocaine and apparently this made him extremely hard and horny. Told you–times were different then! Neither Lauren nor I had ever used the drug so I guess she learned the hard way (pun intended!) that apparently it can make a man stay aroused for a long time, but it also makes it hard to come.

So they went at it, and went at it some more, and at one point I just had to go downstairs to pee. They were not very happy with that, but I promised that I wouldn’t look as I passed through the living room to go to the bathroom. Yeah, right! He had a raging hard dick and she was pretty turned on herself.

Well apparently due to the cocaine he never got off, and neither did she. After he left, she came upstairs to sleep in my big king-sized bed with me. By then it was probably near daybreak. The poor girl was so very frustrated! She was miserable because although they tried and tried, neither one of them had an orgasm.

She expressed to me how this made her feel–very unsatisfied, obviously–and I offered to leave the room while she took care of herself. She declined that offer, but made me a counter-offer. She asked me if I would help her out with that, and being a good friend, I said “why not?”

Lauren was a very lovely young woman. She had long, curly auburn-red hair and big, doe-like brown eyes. Her complexion was perfect, and she had naturally pink cheeks like she just put on make-up. She was shy, but she had a very sensual side to her. (I had never been with a woman one-on-one. One time, however, I did have a three-way with an old boyfriend and his new girlfriend who I ran into after I came back from Europe. I was only 21 at that time. I’d almost forgotten about that. But that’s another story!)

I am a person who, once I decide to try something, I will give it my best shot! I proceeded to make love to her with all I had.

So she and I started kissing in my bed. My hand moved to her breasts, which really were spectacular! She was slightly above average weight, but her breasts were quite large–soft, round, milky-white with lovely nipples. Her stomach was very flat, something I envied like you would not believe. I was not such a BBW then, myself, so I wasn’t looking too bad, either!

I played with her breasts, massaging gently and licking and sucking her nipples. She asked me to suck them harder and to pull the nipples a little, so of course, I did. I kissed my way down her flat abdomen, and eventually to her hairy little pussy.

First I wanted to see what she looked like down there, so I spread her lips with my fingers and slid a finger into the slit. She’d just been with Greg, but he did not come and he used a condom, so she did not really have his scent on her. But she was a bit wet and still very horny.

I pulled on the lips a little, at first with my fingers, and then I started kissing, licking and sucking her pussy lips and soft mound all over. She started moaning with pleasure. She also had a beautiful, soft round ass, which I remember running my hands over and squeezing as I put my face to her pussy. I fingered her clit until she was squirming beneath my hand. I knew what I liked, so I knew what I wanted to do to her.

Then I ran my tongue between the lips, and began to play with her clit with my tongue. Then she asked me to put a finger inside, which I did while I sucked on her clit eagerly. Her moans got louder, and she started directing me–“harder, deeper,” etc. It didn’t take her very long before she was coming in my face. I loved that feeling! She relaxed after having a mighty orgasm and I moved up so I could hold her as the waves of passion subsided. She was calm now, not agitated like she was before, and I felt very good that I was able to please her.

Then she said she wanted to do it to me, too. I told her she didn’t have to, but she wanted to, so we switched places (again in our lives–LOL!) and she proceeded to pleasure me until I came. To be honest I don’t remember the details of that very well. I was more into what I did to her. So you can just re-read the earlier part of this story, because it was pretty much the same, only with our places reversed. I came just as she had, and we were able to go to sleep together peacefully.

We never spoke of this again, or did it again, although if she had asked me, I’m sure I would have. We both quit working at that clinic and eventually drifted apart. I think we were both a little embarrassed about it, but not guilty.

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What are good friends For, If you can't ask them for help from time to time!!!!

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i came

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nice -

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That made my cock hard. Would like to help satisfy my erotic mood? Will be in Portland in 2 weeks.

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