Time for another addition.  

rm_HerbGerbel 49M
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4/3/2006 12:09 pm
Time for another addition.

Well a lot has happenned since the last post.I have had a few contacts,which does tend to brighten you up.One was a thanks very much but you are not what I seek,the other 2 very interested and awaiting further developments.But all in all a very good response I thought.
Not sure about some of the choices I made today though,a slight feeling of regret may be the best way to describe it.I think I may have pushed a point a bit too hard and just maybe .......,well OK then,most definately got too carried away with insults and personal comments I made.I shouldn`t have gone that far and am probably in for some reprisals,but what`s done is done.Maybe I should fill you all in so you know what I`m talking about.I had as I said a couple of ladies send messages.I am a normal member so I decided to do some stuff to try and get some points so I could contact them back,no worries.I decided among other things to answer a couple of magazine articles.So I did,trying to be informative to the best of my ability and give them an opinion and a veiw as I see it and trying to be nice.Well it was all going fine until I found this one fellow who got his mind set,not to really ask for advice or such,just to have a go at some people on this site and their need to express themselves and not botherring to think before he projected his misguided point of veiw or the reasons that were behind his big gripe.He stated that he was sick of people writing erotic literature in wrong places and failed to realise that the site has had some stuff ups and such but really struck a nerve with me for some reason in the way he put people down.So I gave him a taste of what he dished out but many times over,I think I told you all about my other side last post,bad man,don`t go there.Generally 98% of the time I am easy going and calm and nothing phases me,but some people just do it or push me or rub me the wrong way and I retaliate.Don`t get me wrong,I am never voilent towards others unless they strike first or they try to harm someone I care for or such,so don`t assume this.Well you can,but you would be dead wrong.I wasn`t the only to make comments or to put him down either,but I took it to a whole new level,I think in retrospect a way bit too far and personal and in that thought I feel some sense of remorse as to my actions.Wow,I really did insult him badly.I tried to,I suppose,give him a taste of what it`s like to be offended.I tried to bring his smug,I know everything,I`m right and your points of veiw mean nothing and your all stupid attitude down a couple of wrungs.Well I think I didn`t just bring him down a couple,I kicked the fucking ladder out from beneath him.He may have probably deserved a dressing down,I think I went too far but.I guess I`ll find out soon enough but.I also was a bit cheesed off at the attitude he had too,some people are new or can`t navigate a big site and there will undoubtably some things that end up where they shouldn`t,hell,we are all guilty of that one.People jumping down your throat do more harm than good and his attitude was poor,I just lashed out.I should keep that tongue on a leash sometimes.Oh well,the rest of the weeks been good.

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