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Erotic Story

I wrote this story some time ago when I was involved in an erotic story group.
The name 'Henry' just happens to be the name I use on here, it isn't a true story about me.
There are just 2 events in the story that are based loosely on my real life, so I will leave you to guess what they may be.

Henry’s Adventure

It was Friday again and Henry was sitting in his usual seat on the train waiting for it to depart from the London terminus. Henry was pleased it was Friday, the office closed at 3.30pm and he was able to catch an earlier train home. As he opened his newspaper at the crossword page, Henry thought back of the number of years he had made this journey, he had always worked as an accountant in the City since he left college and was thoroughly bored with travelling every day from Westcliffe on Sea and back.
Henrys thoughts were disturbed by the sudden influx of college girls arriving in the compartment just seconds before the train started to roll out of the station. Taking the last vacant seat opposite him was a beautiful girl with flaming red hair, she smiled briefly at Henry as she wriggled into her seat, their knees touching due to the closeness of the seating. Henry thought, if only I was 40 years younger, smiled back to her and resumed his crossword.
The train was now ten minutes into its journey, conversation had died down and people were either reading, or dozing. Henry glanced over the top of his newspaper and saw that the girl had closed her eyes, so he took the opportunity of observing her more closely. She was wearing a thin white blouse, almost transparent and for the first time Henry noticed that her breasts were not encased in a bra. As she breathed, Henry was fascinated by the slight movement of her firm breasts and as he watched, he realised her nipples were becoming erect. The train was travelling at its maximum speed now and rocking sideways on the uneven track. Looking down, Henry noticed that the girl was parting her legs in time with the movement of the carriage. With each movement her short skirt rode higher and higher up her bare legs, exposing a sight that caused Henry to gasp. There proudly on display, was her shaved pussy….
She was wearing nothing under her skirt.
Henry’s eyes remained glued to the vision before him, was the girl dreaming or did she know that she was showing? Her pussy lips looked swollen with passion. As he looked, her right hand moved to cover the area he was watching, she gently stroked her fingers over her pussy lips. As the train rocked her hand movements became more animated. Even above the noise of the speeding train, Henry could hear her moaning with pleasure, totally oblivious to the rest of the passengers. Henry looked around him, but it seemed that he was the only person watching, it was like his own private sex show. Henry was breathing hard, he could see the wetness seeping between her fingers as they stimulated her clitoris. Her body suddenly stiffened as she reached her climax, Henry could feel a hardness in his cock he had not experienced for some time, he felt as if the years had rolled back to his youth.

. At this point the train started slowing down for the next station, the girl opened her eyes and flashed a conspiratorial smile at Henry and with one quick movement readjusted her skirt. Before Henry could recover, she got up and moved hastily towards the exit, the train arrived in the station and she alighted on to the platform. Henry watched open mouthed as she smiled and waved to him on her way off the platform towards the ticket barrier. Twenty minutes later the train arrives at Henry’s home station and he started the short walk to his house where his wife would be waiting. The girl on the train had made Henry realise that sex was one thing he had been missing over the last couple of years. Yes, his wife still was ready for him if he asked, but she never instigated sex, and he could tell that she was not really enjoying it most of the time.
As Henry neared his home his mind flashed back to the times when he had first met his wife Sarah. Before they were married they enjoyed a holiday in the English Lake District, it was one of those rare summers with endless sunshine. One day they had followed the path of the Greenburn beck from Little Langdale village, despite the hot weather there was ample water in the beck which tumbled down the valley in a series of little waterfalls, with tempting pools of cool water. Henry remembered the look on Sarah’s face as he suggested skinny dipping to cool down. She needed no encouragement and was naked long before Henry had managed to remove his clothes. They had the whole valley to themselves on that beautiful July day. After frolicking in the cool clear water they both lay naked on a grassy bank, letting the rays of the hot sun dry them. Henry was half asleep when he felt the luscious lips of Sarah stimulating his flaccid cock into hardness. Their eyes met as Sarah withdrew her mouth revealing Henry’s proud member pointing at the overhead sun. Henry groaned with pleasure as Sarah’s statuesque body stood astride him and she so slowly lowered herself to engorge his manhood in her already wet pussy. Henry could still remember the sexual smell of her nubile young body and the extreme pleasure of sex outdoors, it was all too much for an inexperienced young man and he almost immediately released his semen deep within her. But he recalled that despite his eagerness to cum, he was still able to bring Sarah to orgasm with the skilful use of his tongue.
Henry’s thoughts were brought up to date as he turned into Byron Avenue and he fumbled in his pockets for his door key. Unlocking the door, he was greeted by a delicious smell emanating from the kitchen, OK Henry thought, perhaps Sarah is past her prime sexually, but her cooking was out of this world. The rest of the evening passed without incident, Henry chatted with Sarah about his day at the office and almost fell asleep watching a boring game show on television when at around 9.30pm the phone rang. Sarah answered it and after a few words passed it over to Henry. She explained that it was her sister Naomi who wanted a favour from Henry. He took the phone off his wife and as he listened he thought of Naomi. She was a quite a bit older than Sarah but completely different. It wasn’t to do with being an exceptional beauty, in fact she was a very ordinary looking person, but she carried this aura of blatant sexuality about her. Her body seemed to say…come and get me, I’m yours. Henry had known Naomi from the time he first met Sarah, but apart from a kiss each time they met, nothing had happened sexually between them. Henry had fantasised as to what Naomi may be like in bed but decided that the risk to his marriage was too great to risk trying to live his fantasy. He knew that the two sisters were very close and was afraid that any indiscretions may be revealed.
The outcome of the telephone conversation was that Naomi wanted Henry to sort out an electrical problem at the cottage that she and her husband had bought as a retirement home. They arranged that Henry would pick up Naomi at her home around 10am the next day and drive her out to the cottage.
Saturday dawned bright and sunny, Henry was feeling cheerful as he drove the 10 miles to collect Naomi. She was waiting for him at the door when he arrived, Henry noticed the garage door was open and went in to have a quick word with her husband George. As usual George was clad in greasy overalls, his hands and face covered with engine oil as he was busy restoring an old Triumph motorcycle. George was brilliant at mechanical engineering, but was hopeless at anything electrical, hence the reason Henry had been asked to assist. After waving their goodbyes, Henry watched Naomi slide her voluptuous body into the passenger seat of his car and they commenced the journey out into the countryside to the cottage. Not a lot was spoken during the half hour drive, Naomi was busy looking through Henry’s collection of music tapes and playing brief snatches from each of them she selected. Soon they pulled into the gravel drive at the cottage, it was a beautiful place, sheltered at one side from the prevailing winds, with superb views in the other directions.
Naomi went first and unlocked the door as Henry followed behind. They had only just taken possession of the cottage and it was as yet unfurnished except for new carpets throughout. She explained that the fault was with the two-way light switches in the main bedroom, as she started to climb the stairs. Henry was unable to take his eyes off Naomi’s body as he followed her up the stairs. Thoughts were racing through his mind as he remembered the girl on the train and how aroused he had become. Naomi opened the door to the bedroom, stepped inside and suddenly stopped. Henry was only one pace behind her as his body collided with her, he put his hands on her shoulders to steady himself. Naomi didn’t move, in fact she pushed her body back into him. Henry thought that she must be able to feel his semi-hardness pressing into her as Naomi proceeded to make slight gyratory movement with her ass. Henry moved his hands off her shoulders in the direction of her ample breasts, Naomi offered no resistance has he fondled her now erect nipples through her clothes. Henry’s brain was racing in top gear, dare he take this any further, what was the risk involved, as Naomi still responded to the stimulation of her nipples.
Henry thought, why should he cautious, he had obviously caught Naomi in a very horny mood, so he determined on his next plan of action. Keeping his left hand on her breast, he moved his right hand slowly down her body, over her waist to reach her jeans. His hand continued to the point where he could feel the swollen lips of her pussy through the denim. Naomi took a large intake of breath as he so slowly and gently massaged her pussy through the coarse material of her jeans. Naomi at the same time, brought her hands behind her to search out for Henry’s now very hard cock. Encouraged by Naomi’s response, Henry brought his hand to the waistband of her jeans, Naomi breathed in to assist entry inside the material. His fingers slipped inside the flimsy silken panties she was wearing, he felt untold pleasure as his fingers sought out that secret wet area waiting to be found. Across the lips his fingers journeyed, so wet and so slippery. His index finger probed the entrance and so easily slipped inside, He withdrew it then again introduced, two and then three fingers inside Naomi’s waiting hole of pleasure.
Henry was concentrating so much in pleasuring Naomi he hadn’t realised that she had unzipped him until he felt Naomi’s two hands were encircling his massive erection. Suddenly Naomi broke away from him and Henry’s first thoughts were that his little adventure was drawing to a premature close. But no, Naomi turned to face him and smiled sensually as she unzipped her jeans, letting them cascade to the floor. Her brief panties followed the jeans as she kicked them off her feet to stand naked from the waist down before him. Naomi lay down on the new thick carpet, opened her legs wide and beckoned Henry to enter her. There was no time for any finesse or foreplay, it was sheer animal lust as Henry thrust his cock deep inside her. Naomi thrust her body upwards to meet Henry’s lunges, they were both on the point of orgasm almost immediately. Neither of them had ever in their lives felt such powerful emotions. Naomi screamed with pleasure as Henry came with tremendous force in the furthest confines of her pussy. Her own juices flowed copiously to meet Henry’s as they both collapsed in each others arms.
It was half an hour before either of them could breath normally again, the experience had been so intense, one of those sexual events that only happens once in a life time. Later on the drive back home, Naomi explained that she had only had sex with 2 people before; her husband, who was her first lover and a drunken experience with a colleague from work in the back of a car after an office party. She told Henry that she had always fancied him and her ambition for some time was that one day they would fuck. She went on to say that it was just something she had to get out of her system, it was the best she had ever experienced, to which Henry agreed with a huge smile on his face.
After leaving Naomi back at her home, Henry sensed that it was probably a “one off” situation and would never happen again, it was just one of those rare moments in life that can never be repeated. Henry turned up the car stereo to full volume and at the top of his voice yelled Whooooo Hooooo as he pressed on the throttle and headed home.

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henry, that was HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT

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Thankyou very much, Rainqueen.

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Really good story, Henry.

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

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