The Black Mamba  

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The Black Mamba

I first started using the internet from the age of 13. But it wasn't until 14 that I got into chatrooms and the whole social aspect of it. I guess you could say it was a part of my development sexually.... why? read on....

During the start of more substantial exams and things at school, I was bored as hell. I was adequately intelligent to not revise for tests and pass, a gift I suppose. As such I used my time, to chat in the old (now closed down) msn chatrooms. The old A/S/L question became frequent and after a while I found myself ignoring all males and solely speaking to females. With one intent of course.

I used to say to my parents I'd made good friends playing online games and chatting. Over the summer holidays and half terms, I'd ask for money to go and meet them. Which of course, they let me do. Kids are so manipulative of their parents! Just as a sidenote, only 2 weeks ago I heard a schoolgirl walking through town telling her mates she'd given her boyfriend her first blowjob the night before, she must of been only 13 yrs old, about the same age as I was actually...

Anyway! back to the story... and this is an embaressing one, hehe. To cut it short, I was meeting girls regularly off the internet. I started off very unawares of the risks. I met a few girls who were nothing like their cute photos, some were size 20's, and nothing like the supermodel pictures they'd shown me. One turned out to be a man....that was when I started getting them to send photos before I met them.
Sure enough, a few did! From there I just upped my game, until I went to meet a girl called Lisa,15, from Bristol.

From getting off the train, she was exactly like her photos. Slim, blonde, pert breasts, dolled up like she was in her twenties. I was pretty gobsmacked. That an older girl (you know how age is a massive difference when your that young) wanted me was beyond my comprehension, especially when she was fit!

We got a taxi through some place called Redcliffe and ended up in Ashdon or something. Quite a big house, empty of anyone but me and her. She said her parents were lawyers and lived away alot, so she had the house for a week. With me in it!

She closed the door, sat me down in the living room and made a cup of tea. Once she came back she sat straight on my lap and began rubbing me through my jeans. I was instantly hard. She must've been able to feel it pushing against her, coz she opened my legs, got between them and undid my zip. She took the whole length of me in her mouth and was sucking before I knew what was happening. I'd never been deepthroated before, infact, all girls had done before when sucking me off was put me in their mouthes and suck. This girl was using one hand to wank me into her mouth, and another to rub under my balls.

I sat back and enjoyed it, it was sooo good, every few minutes she'd take a sip of tea and I would throb uncontrollably at how sensitive her hot mouth made me. She sucked and kept sucking even after I'd spilled down her throat. I laid back and for the first time moaned without inhibition. No one was in, no need to hold back.

She got up, dropped her jeans around her ankles and said "lick me, and don't stop until I tell you to". I, of course, did exactly that. She was trimmed and wet as anything. I'd not gone down on a girl all that much before that time, but she held my head there until she'd cum several times. Each time she did sighing deeply and pushing her hips into my face. My tongue was numb and I was using my fingers to keep up the pace, I didn't want to be outdone, and the her noises were so sexy !

It must've been well over an hour before she lifted my head, pushed me back on the sofa and mounted me. Her jeans still round her ankles, mine still on. As soon as she'd squeezed me inside her we began getting frantic. Thrusting out of time with each other, desiring to be deeper and closer and faster. My hips were bucking and it was pissing me off that I couldn't get all the way inside. So I held her hips in place and used the bounce of the sofa to get deeper and deeper inside with every movement.

The next few days was a marathon of sexual escapades. We left the house only to get takeaway, and for her to have a quickie on a bus. She loved the thought of publicly flaunting herself. The week was almost over, and we'd trained our bodies to become sexual machines in that time. I could last for as long as she wanted and she would always finish me off in any way I wanted. Sometimes she would want me to cum within 5 minutes and I'd have to totally ram her at high speed to achieve it. Other times she wanted it sensual, but each time it got better, and we learned more about our bodies.

On the friday, we were in her parents bed. Her legs were at her shoulders and I was on top. She was being noiser than usual, and holding onto the bed rails as we fucked. I thought I must've been hitting a certain spot or something, so I kept going and closed my eyes to concentrate on listening to her. The next thing, I felt a probing pain in my ass. I will admit, at first it felt good having that whilst doing her. In a second it turned into a severe burning, and I span round, grabbing out. She'd reached for the bedside drawers and pulled out this huge black dildo. Had never seen anything like it! I was repulsed and confused. Obviously she asked what was wrong. I couldn't form a sensible argument. "Why don't you want it?" she'd say. "I just don't, its not right" would be my pathetic response, hehe. Should've gone to debate club eh?

Anyway, after that I was a bit confused. I did allow her fingers to wander a bit during our last session, but was not letting that black mamba anywhere near me! I thought I would get my revenge by using it on her, but she took all with ease and wanted more. Which was quite a turn on.

hehe, not something that happens everyday!

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