Corrupting the virgin  

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5/6/2006 1:35 pm

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Corrupting the virgin

I've only known a few virgins in my time. Well, virgin girls that is. At one point it was a massive turn on for me, thinking of the concept of teaching someone from scratch, being the first to use and abuse. More recently its become a ball-ache, so to speak. Having to go in gently and rest for hours due to getting sore etc.

Anyway, when it WAS a turn on for me, I went after them hammer and tongs! The case for them being virgins, and goodlooking at the same time was either: Religious, and sex is only for after marriage OR they have morals.

I wasn't bothered about either. I suppose in a way I was excited by the challenge, especially when it came to a girl called Sophie (not her real name).

She was slim, brunette, not the biggest bust in the world, but pretty. And she wore glasses! (big turn on for me, the whole librarian look). I got to know her through something called ICQ. She was on a christian website thing and at that time I was trying to concentrate/convert. She seemed pretty easy going, and mostly I ignored her. Until she sent me a picture. From then on, she was the girl I was after.

After a while my whole 'god' thing went a bit wrong due to an experience I'll tell another day. Soonafter, she called me. Asking why I had left the group etc. I told her and she let out the biggest sigh I've ever heard. I said the usual stuff, like, we can stay friends and that religion doesn't matter. Then she asked me if I'd come visit her that weekend. And I jumped at the chance!

I waited at the station for ages. No one came up to me. Thought I had been stood up. She turned up after a while looking just her picture. Smartly dressed, hardly any skin showing, yet still looking sexy. Anyway, once I'd dropped my bags off at hers we ended up taking a stroll in a park. She asked me what I thought about sex before marriage. So I grabbed her and gave her the best kiss I've given anyone. Running my hands over her neck, down her shoulders, up her back, gently wrestling with her tongue. It lasted ages. You know when you open your eyes and you've had them closed so long the light hurts.

Well, the next thing, we're on a bench, kissing and cuddling, it was all pretty romantic really.I put my hand on her thigh, exploring her bounderies. She knocked it away. I tried a couple times more, same thing happened. I tried getting my hands up her top, she dragged them away. So I was just happy to caress and kiss her.

It got dark, we started out walk back. We were the only people around, and there were some woods nearby so I said we should take a walk in there. Surprisingly, she said ok.

Once I had her there I got her against the nearest tree, pushing my weight up against her.I grabbed her pussy with my hand and rubbed it hard. She gasped out and I barely heard her whisper "I can't" before I shoved my tongue in her mouth and held her waist. She began writing on my hand furiously then. Breathing heavy through her nose and making those little whining sounds that we all love to hear.

I got down on my knees then, and pressed my face in between her legs. Biting and nibbling and sucking through her trousers. I was holding onto her ass, one hand on her breasts when I she came. I could feel her body ripple and convulse as she sighed in pleasure. It turned me on so much I pulled her trousers and knickers down in one sweep and had her on the floor in seconds. It was the kind of frantic fumbling you get when your beyond lust. She had half her top on, bra round her waist, my jeans were around my ankles. She was tight, it was a squeeze getting my entire length inside her, but she was dripping wet! My left hand held her by the waist. I put my thumb and forefinger in my mouth to get them wet, and then began frigging off her clit whilst pushing deeper inside her. Before long she was cumming again, really gushing all over me. It felt so good! Hot and sticky and dirty!

I never saw her again after that. I hear she's got kids now. She was enjoyable though!

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