A MUST READ! Step by step to a fun night out!  

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5/6/2006 10:39 am

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A MUST READ! Step by step to a fun night out!

My way of entertaining women, and getting into their underwear.... on a night out. Step by step guide. Can be used by you girls as well though? Let me know if you do this...

I don't know if many of you read the personal symbols and assessments that AdultFriendFinder provide. On my profile I am classed as a "Wheeler-Dealer". After I had read the explanation, it brought a few home truths about myself to recognition. Which I am going to share with you now.

This concentrates on the 'way with words' and 'manipulative' bit.

This is a good way to have fun and add a bit of thrill into your night out!

1. The easiest situation you can create is to go out, dressed as for a normal party session, but go on your own. With prior arrangements to meet up with friends later on, if unsuccessful. Never good to fail and end up totally alone is it!

2. Now your dressed up, and in a bar, get yourself a drink, I tend to get two double-vodka redbulls, but there's no set intoxication for this arena! Whilst at the bar, you are being seen, and can also have a good view. Its perfectly normal for someone to stand at a bar, whilst waiting for a drink. You raise no attention (if you do.. you are certainly fit!) and can proceed to sitting in the most 'populated' area of the bar.

By populated, I mean, with the most attractive people that you want (men, women, doesn't matter).

3. I tend to sit, drink my first glass, whilst noting who people are with. A group of 6 or more of the same sex is a hard target. Groups of 4-5 are easily susceptable, groups of 2-3 tend to have girlfriends, and groups of 1 are... probably doing what your doing. hehe. There is always a possibility that 'other-halves' are just in the toilet and you have not seen them. Use this time
to notice (if close enough) whether obvious marriage rings are being worn.

4. ( OPTIONAL ) : To appeal to older ages, use a sympathy vote. This can be done simply by playing a bit with your phone, looking disappointed on receiving a message. Making a phone call and accidentally letting everyone hear that your friends arent meeting with you until later. This will be a very good explanation for you to join onto a group when they ask (where are your friends?) or (why are you on your own?).

5. Now your clued up, you've spotted a group that looks promising. Your approach can vary from failsafe to risky -

a)Failsafe - don't go to the bar yet. Approach the group in question, get chatting by your most comfortable means necessary. Once pleasantries are out of the way and its looking good, before you sit down, say your going to the bar anyway, and offer to get the drinks in. I tend to get a pitcher, as the straws bring faces closer together and allow you to become more familiar.

b)Risky - Go to the bar, get your drink/s in,
then approach your target. This can make you look like a tight arse, someone who's just been rejected, or underconfident (ie. need a stiff drink before just talking to people).I never go for this option unless I am extremely drunk and charming.

6. Now your on familiar speaking terms, you can lavish whatever you like upon your unsuspecting victims. Compliments such as "I can't understand where all your boyfriends/girlfriends are?! A group of men/woman as attractive as yourselves should always be surrounded!" go down well. Embellish as you will. Be careful not to go too deep too soon, but be interested, because as vain humans we love talking about ourselves. If you are talking more than half the time they might lose interest.

7. By now you should definitely know who's eager to please you and who's not. If your lucky, they all will be. It's now up to you to take it further, seperate one from the group, entertain them all, get phone numbers, play off one another, whatever! But whatever you do... have FUN! =]

8. ( OPTIONAL ) : If you are talented, confident, and have an imagination, you can try different things when using this approach. I travel alot, so in some places, I like to act out a character. A bit of roleplay you might say, which adds a bit more of a thrill. If you're into that, you can become an esteemed banker, a roadside bum, a millionaire, an astronaut, a pornstar - you name it! Seeing the different responses is good fun and good learning.


One day I'll settle down and this will be out of the window, thought I'd share it with ya before it disappears. As far as I know, I'm the only one who does this....so if your trying it, let me know how it goes! And I hope you enjoy it ! =]

Then again, when I settle down, my partner might want to do this as roleplay between us both... hmm, interesting thought!

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