Garda Patrol  

rm_Hawkeye564 55M
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4/6/2006 12:31 pm
Garda Patrol

Garda checkpoint pulls over a motorist for speeding. The driver rolls down the window as the Garda approaches.

Garda: "Have you any idea how fast you were going"

Driver: "I was not going that fast surely",

Garda: "You were doing 60kph in a 40kph zone sir and I am afraid I am going to write you up for it"

Driver: "Awwww for fucks sake have you nothing else better to do"

Big thing was to keep his mouth shut and take the ticket. Garda pulls him in to the side of the road and gives his car the once over.

Garda: "One of your tyres is nearly bald and your right headlight is faulty. That will cost you fnes and penalty points".

Driver: "No way, the light is fine watch", and proceeds to kick the headlight. This light flickers breifly and comes on. "See, it works. You cant write me up for that".

Garda: "no, now kick your windscreen and see if your tax and insurance comes up".

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