To hell and back  

rm_HOATime 61M
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6/11/2006 6:47 am

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6/13/2006 6:18 am

To hell and back

I'm just a normal guy trying to take care of his family but here lately I cant seem to get the time of day from my wife she has always thought that I have cheated on her, and implied it. I just wonder what it takes to make a women trust you, Im lost. Hell I'm getting to the point that if thats what she thinks after 24 yrs hell with it.

She does'nt cook or clean she never gits rid of anything, the house is a shambles. She's always feels picked on. Me and the boys wait on her hand and foot. Clean the house cook the meals bring them to here in her room, where she holes up watching the home shopping net work. Hell ladies what am I doing wrong. She works but never pays a bill, her money goes for cloths that she wears once and never again or for jewelry she never wears.

Plus I'm not getting any loving!

It's not that I don't love her its just getting old.

Any comments or sugestions. I need help! Pardon the spelling and grammer.

rm_Ellenback 60F
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6/11/2006 7:53 am

Hey, my name is based upon your title, so I kinda know what you're talking about....she sounds depressed, and angry, and you're enabling her to do these things.

It took me a long time to realize just how I allowed my Ex to get away with the shit he did, by paying the bills for him, accepting the excuses and lies, and what not.

I eventually attended some therapy in order to learn how not to enable, and that really helped me. The first thing I had to do, though, was step back, breathe, and look at my part in things, because that was all I could control...I COULDN'T control him, or his drug use, and I couldn't in any way shape or form prevent him from doing it.

Once I drew the line in the sand, I left the decision up to him, and ended up walking away because he made his own decision about our relationship.

I hope this helps!



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