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9/28/2005 11:12 am

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It's a bitch. It sucks! I absoutely hate it with a passion. Anyone who has done it before, let me hear ya. This is starting to suck. We should have started way before we did. There's a lot of stuff to get out and we have until Friday to get out. I think I might need to ask for someone to take my hours for Friday night at the gas station.
And of course, my lovely mother is having issues. She can't get up because her knees will not let her get up. She hasn't been up in like 1-2 days. This is gonna suck, especially if we need to be out of her by Friday.
And my brother can't do much due to his finger.


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10/2/2005 11:37 pm

Hey Lyndsay,

Im really sorry for posting a comment under this topic but I thought this would be the only way I could get your atttention. It really sucks to hear about your probs with having to move. If I had my own place in Dekalb I would let you crash at my place, I would would not ask anthing from you in return. I am living in Malta right now right outside of DeKalb and I am driving back and forth from DeKalb to Rockford like 4 times a weeks since i started class. I know you are probably tired of reading anything from me becasue I have tried to talk to you like a thousand times. I know that you want to find a guy that is 25 or older, well ill be 24 this dec. But i would love to get a chance to know you better and let you get to know me, becasue as corney as it sounds I am very mature for my age. I have read most of your blogs, and it confuses the hell out of me why a cute girl like you can not find a man...I know that most men are jerks and if I would have to take a guess from reading your blogs I would say that there is probably a man in your past that hurt you pretty bad. Well I can say for sure that that is not me. Im not good looking enough to be a "player" or a "pimp" but i dont think im that I have never actually met someone online and then met them in person before but i would love to meet you in person. Im am not on here much ne more since i started class...I decided to be a Philosophy major with a minor in Political Science...I figure that will help me in Law school( and im not braging that i will be going into law school...I just want to let you know a little about my self) well like i said im not on here much ne more so if you do respond to this i do not know when it will be when i get a chance to write back but I would like you to atleast respond...tell me that you would like to start talking more or tell me you think im a "young" creepy guy that will not leave you alone on here( if you do do that i promis i would leave you alone) but just tell me somthing so i know. I have read some of your blogs and you keep saying that your a looking for a man, well Im looking for a woman. well any way, Im not very good at saying what i am thinking when i have to type it all out so im gunna stop for now. I hope I hear somthing from you soon. and I hope you are able to find a place.


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