Gotta Love It!  

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3/30/2006 3:53 pm

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3/31/2006 4:49 pm

Gotta Love It!

Why is it that whenever you have your time of the month, you are horny but yet a man just does not want to get into your pants? I understand it's messy and everything so..yeah!

Yeah, I'm not all up into going anywhere today but I feel like I want to go somewhere. Maybe that's why when my best friend and I went out for a walk last night, I got mucho cramps! Good thing I didn't have to work anywhere today (Disney didn't need me tonight and school had a half day due to parent/teacher conferences so no lunches) or else I would be pissed off!

I'm tired of guys talking to me and then a couple of days later, them forgetting about me. And I'm tired of them telling me we will meet but then I don't hear from them. Well, I guess that it what I get for turning the others down.

Big shooting 2 nights ago in DeKalb. A former DHS student was shot down. It's just so sad to see something like that..and the rumors that fly around about how it happened and why it happened. We had a handful of DeKalb's finest hanging around yesterday because they knew that whomever shot them was a DHS student and sure enough, it was. Then like the same day (I'm not sure if this is correct) but the young man who was shot had 1 or 2 girls pregnant and one of the girls' best friends got into a fight with a girl who she stabbed to protect her baby. There was a girlfight and it was just so interesting at how close minded some older people are.

My co-worker thought the fight was over a boy. I told her it was probably something far worse...and I was probably right.

I need to get out of that school fast before my brother might have to bury his sister and his mother in less than a year.


1girlrevolution 48F

3/30/2006 4:59 pm

Hey Girl,

I HATE it when a guy says he will call you and that you'll do something then you actually wait for the phone to ring! A couple of weeks ago I did the waiting game until 8pm and then I went out w/my girlfriend and had a great time. This vagina waits for no man. I was pissed but then thought, hey . . . I'm worth more and I can get whatever I want so why wait for Mr. Shitty-What's-His-Name to call? My favorite word (and you'll see it in most of my blogs) . . . NEXT.


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