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4/3/2006 9:49 pm

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Answer Me This

Seriously, is there something wrong with me? There's this guy hot26burger whom I have been talking to for a while. It seems like whenever I ask him if he's busy to get together, he always tells me no. But here he is, in a chat room, chatting it up with other ladies. I just don't get it.

I would just really like to know...what am I doing wrong here? Am I saying something wrong? Am I not being aggressive? It is just killing me that sometimes the guy leads me on and then blows me off in the end.

It's just hurting me. Why am I on this stupid site I have no idea. I just keep on coming back for more. Probably because, like I have said before, I am in need of attention. I might be in need of something more but oh well, what am I to do?



4/3/2006 10:29 pm

I say forget him! And happy hunting! Keep your chin up, not all the guys on here are assholes!

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