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2/12/2006 8:39 pm

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I grew up in the country surrounding the suburbs of "America's Finest City" and learned to appreciate both the sticks and the concrete jungle. While I was attending the college of my wallet's choice, I was uprooted and forced to move to a city that has never really felt like home.
Hesitant as I am to make small minded statements, I can not avoid this one: The people here suck. There is no community for free thinkers, and in fact if you aren't a red meat eating protestant with an F-350 then you are probably gay, which is the same as eating the children you've just molested.
I want out!
So that being said... Does anyone want to nominate their city?

jussweetlilolme 44F

2/14/2006 8:01 am

Well dear friend it sounds like you have hit the end of the rope in the area you are in, so it would appear just about anything may be better than where you are now...

I have moved around much of my life and would have to say, next to where I am now, I love the coasts. Either East or West is fine by me. There is sunshine, and warm rains, snow (in the East) but always something to do, people to meet, things to see. Not to mention good food, lots of culture, and wonderful entertainment no matter what time of day or night.

If you want small town with "just not gonna be nice til we know ya thinking" try thte midwest. There are some definitely favorable areas that once you get past that attitude, the people are great, the life is satisfying and most of all, not a whole lot of extra stres (besides what you bring to the dinner table).
If you want fast paced etc. either coast , illinois (chi-town) any major city will work. Phoenix is great, so is Mass & DC.

As for the people you described above, the problem seems to be they are everywhere. Some places are just more obvious about it, others hide their "secrets" well.

Wow, and a rambling I will go.


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