Honest Lies  

rm_Greyeyesky 42M
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1/29/2006 1:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Honest Lies

We walked along the river, smoking and talking
about a common past. People we share, events we
will never reconcile. Flippant, yet serious, she
warned me. It was wasted breath.

She asked me questions. Personal questions, and
inexplicably I found myself answering. We walked
and we talked. She asked and I manipulated. I
altered the truth to fit the closest proximity to

How I feel is illogical.

You can't answer an abstract with a concrete.

When she asked if I believe in a god, I didn't
tell her what I believe, I told her how I act.
Only what can be gleaned from the surface.

Because anything deeper than that is a lie.

rm_art_persists 52M
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1/29/2006 3:22 pm

so... essentially we always lie?

silkysmoothlegs3 106F

1/29/2006 3:38 pm

Thats so deep

rm_Greyeyesky 42M

1/29/2006 5:33 pm

I don't think "lie" is the right word. What I was trying to say is that whenever two people talk about the things we all keep inside there is a sort of understood subjective reality. If we could be honest with ourselves, I think it would be a good start.

rm_art_persists 52M
1789 posts
1/29/2006 8:43 pm

maybe our honest reality -ie intuition- is too numb

Fox4aKnight1 44F

1/29/2006 9:30 pm


Perhaps rather a truth unseen? I agree that most of us lie to oursel;ves way too often. It is however I think true testing of ourselves that we learn not to "lie" and that we also remember we are often too close to see the "forest for the trees".


lovestochat2 48F

1/30/2006 8:24 am


Perhaps we are just afraid of the truth?

I do agree actions speak louder than words...and are more truthful to who you really are.


Fox4aKnight1 44F

1/30/2006 2:41 pm

Just coping this here for you to see and in response to your post in my blog ....I think meabe I rambled all over the place and thanks for hauling me back to the main.


Ok hun I mistook what you were saying about the lieing to oneself as to be more or less the truth but that I suppose that in some ways that we need an outside observer or two to be able to really and truely be able to give us an accurate observation. Perferabley two or more. But addressing your main point and continuing through the other points, reality is observable but to be honest we never see that. The reason is that observation is shrodingers (sorry spelling his name proper is difficult). 2. also shrodinger again, And you are right about the lost in translation. However that being said its a matter of finding the people that are capable of using the least amount of filters sanely to see things cearly. But then we are discussing Teepathic and since we are human and are of this world there is no was of observing without changing things by our very observations.

ummm gonna stop here for a sec.


rm_Greyeyesky 42M

1/30/2006 5:17 pm


Brilliant referance to Shroedinger's problem. In that, I think you've hit the nail on the head. Relationships often take on those qualities, and in finding love, we become Shroedinger's cat... if we look, we may find what we want, or we may find flaming wreckage. Either way, without looking, neither are possible, and either are just as likely. The problem (again to make analogies) is the paradox of observer/observed. We can not see ourselves or others as we truely exist, because to interact at all fundamentaly changes both individuals, to which I say: Bring on the change.


Fox4aKnight1 44F

1/31/2006 6:38 am

Pasted here ....

LOL Johnathan ....thanks hun ......and yes its the closest analogy because .....in the physical world (as opposed to the murky realm or theroy and emotions) I do not belive that shrodingers theroy is correct. But that is personal opnion. LOL I never even wentr to highschool so I only know the therom, not the truth. LOL ......smoke and mirrors my friend .....smoke and mirrors


Fox4aKnight1 44F

1/31/2006 6:39 am

ops sorry for mispelling your name .....that was rude ....sorry

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