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3/1/2006 2:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


We were sitting in a smokey bar, talking about
music and artists we enjoyed. It seemed that we
had many of the same interests, but he said
something that sent my mind whirling off.

"Oh, I'm over all that 'Defining myself by the
music I listen to' crap"

He must have thought I was ignoring him, because
after I sat in silence for a while, he turned and
began talking to someone else.

Music, I thought to myself, is one of the purest
forms of expression. We choose the music we
listen to because it best describes how we feel.
Our music expresses us in ways almost impossible
to otherwise imitate.

For this reason, people who listen to a certain
type of music are more likely to have similar
interests and feelings. They are also more
likely to express themselves similarly in other
areas, like clothing and attitude.

We express ourselves through music, because music
expresses us best. When we say "I'm a Punk", or
"I'm a Goth", or "I'm a Cowboy", we aren't
letting music tell us who we are, we are allowing
music to tell everyone else who we are.

You want to know me?

Listen to my music.

I define it.

jussweetlilolme 44F

3/1/2006 6:39 am

hear hear!! I could not agree more readily with you on this topic.

I think that for those of us who "listen" to the music, we will find the story it is telling...ours


rm_art_persists 53M
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3/1/2006 10:17 am

While I do agree to a certain point, music does not fully express who we are. We are always limited by our exposure and by our situation. I may relate more completely to that goth while not knowing any of their music. That said, I have silly children's songs going through my head right now - my daughter's music is defining me.

rm_Greyeyesky 42M

3/1/2006 12:02 pm

Well, what I mean is that we choose music that speaks to us and that in some way we can relate too. Sometimes we relate to people outside our own social circles ver well, that is why I have just about every genre represented in my music collection. Even so, I listen to albums that express me at the moment I choose to put them in the player.

demonicsexkitten 42F
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3/3/2006 3:17 am

though does that qualify as defining YOU? it is just defining a momentary single aspect of you in time. it would be about the same as "it rained last tuesday" defining the weather today (Friday btw).

myself... i'm eclectic. and fittingly... have eclectic tastes in music i think. though there are some cross-genre's i enjoy.. .ie: i hate . but occassionally there will come one that i enjoy.

on my car radio: "classical", "80's/90's/and whatever", "classic rock" (actualy an ex b/f's station... but apparently it's pre-set in my car cuz nomatter how often the battery is unplugged it's the only station that remains set. used to annoy the hell out of me), "country", and i have an eclectic station... democracy now newscast, persian, russian, other world musics... poetry readings, pagan shows, jazz, soul, folk... just crazy mix of everything.

oops... i think i said my last response that i was going to walk away from the blogs.

but if you're interested... check craptoast or my own for the CD Club thing. "What i'm listening to this month" blogger CD club. kinda fun

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