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They say that "Absense makes the heart grow fonder"
And that's why I'm lying here gnawing on my arm
As if the fabric of the universe could come undone
There on my sleeve, where I keep my heart.
One could fixate upon the abyss or boil their babies,
But instead I focus on the inadequate television reception.
I think about your love and how I long to hold you near,
Even though that beauty fills me with sadness like an
Albatross hung about my neck...
Even though it's your sheer beauty and the joy of your
Existence that fills me with sorrow...
I stare down into the canyon and marvel at the myriad
Geological layers, eroded and exposed by time immemorable
And I have to wonder if a canyon was formed or if
It's just a lack of dirt... A wound... A scar...
Begging for renewal and rebirth we turn to look at the stars
Or within ourselves where likewise there are but pinpricks of
Light surrounded by infinite darkness and ice cold sadness,
Eager to be chipped away by a pickaxe or awl, so that
Maybe this lifeless chunk of frozen water could be transformed
Into a likeness of an eagle, soaring to the skies... Unafraid of
The depths of the canyon. Or perhaps an Albatross to hang.
...Lifeless we seek that which gives us life. Alone we seek
What gives us solidarity as the Sun pours over the rim of
Our canyon and we are left with nothing but awe and
A self-effacing sense of Majesty.

JBC 11-10-04

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