A bit of fantasy and beyond ...  

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7/17/2005 6:32 am

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A bit of fantasy and beyond ...

Sherri hooked her thumb under Judy's thong and pulled it aside so I could get an unobstructed view of her ass. Judy had a beautiful little pucker that had all the teltale signs that it had been fucked more than once, even if it was only by a dildo.

"Who wouldn't want to lick that sweet looking little ass," asked Sherri.

"You'd be crazy not to," I replied.

"You'd lick it right now, wouldn't you," Sherri queried with a little snicker.

"Is this a test," I asked somewhat surprised.

"Judy needs to have her little ass licked and I want to watch you do it," Sherri said.

I didn't need anymore prompting than that. I practically jumped off the couch, got down on my knees, pushed Judy's skirt up higher, spread her checks with and laid my wet tongue right on her little pucker. Then I took one long, slow, lapping stroke from the bottom of her gash to above asshole.

"You mean like that." I said looking up at Sherri.

"Oh, yes," said Judy, "more. Lick my ass. Lick me."

"Get to it, baby," said Sherri.

Sherri knealt down beside me and while I was swirling my tongue around Judy's tiny asshole I heard her unzip the mini-skirt's zipper. It was off in a flash and now that beautiful behind was almost totally revealed. Sherri stretched the small thong way to the side so it would stay out of my way, let go and then put her hand on the back of my neck.

"Bury your tongue up that ass," Sherri hissed.

I pushed Judy's cheeks even further apart and wiggled my tongue right inside her asshole. Judy started to quiver as I tweaked the inside her pucker with my tongue. Sherri put her cheek against mine and I could feel her tongue licking Judy's ass cheek. The next thing I knew she was nuzzling her way closer to Judy's asshole. Well, I'm not one to get in the way. And if she wanted to watch me she had no idea how much I wanted to watch her. I backed off and instantly Sherri took my place and I watched as she stuck her pointy little tongue inside Judy's ass.

(If one is to dream why not dream big time? ...)

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