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rm_GrayBear818 70M
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7/28/2006 6:23 pm

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Visitor Guest Book, Your Favorite Links

Welcome! Will the mystery guest please sign in!

I'm starting to get some traffic now and thought it would be a good time to open a Guest Book. Leave a few words about yourself, what you'd like to see more of here, links to your favorite posts and blogs, whatever you like. Let's give a little flavor to the community. If you're a free account, a note here is an easy way to get on board using Post a Comment or Add Comment.

I'm in LA, San Fernando Valley (91344). Local folks and local themes are particularly welcome. Maybe someday our paths will cross.

Sorry, self promoting ads will be heartlessly excised.

rm_GrayBear818 70M
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7/30/2006 3:47 pm

Agreed. The [blog MzHunyHole] blog has a richness and sexual bawdiness that belies (or maybe reflects ) her age (2006: 55 F)

I also like [blog goddess1946] blog, same peer group (2006: 59F), not as sultry (most days) but packed with real themes about the rich life of being 55+.

[blog jezdatip] is poppin with hi-octane erotica, and we trade comments regularly. Her sizzzle reads like a late 30s women, but she's 52 (2006: 52F)

angelofmercy5 by AngelOfMercy can be thought provoking or too hot too handle. This (2006: 49F) really packs a wallup.

rm_GrayBear818 70M
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7/31/2006 1:52 pm

Two more local 50+ female bloggers

GoldenHairGodess Speaks occasional posts with humor and sass, also checks in at SFValley Fun Group (2006: 53 F).

[blog CarlaR123] (2006: 55 F) 'Get Real Girl' sex talk, accomplished valley business women.

rm_Jezdatip 65F
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8/16/2006 11:51 pm

Thanks for creating this page for the standard members to be noticed ..I agree that all of the blogs mentioned are interesting .. (Thanks for the compliment about my erotica)You have been a great mentor..I am relatively new to blogging..My blog is basically a way of venting or indulging in my fantasies ..I plan to include a variety of topics in my blogs, not just erotica..I like the recent blog about your jogging and weight loss ventures..Please tell us MORE about your dance nights and also whats been going on with your favorite dance partner..

rm_GrayBear818 70M
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8/18/2006 5:54 pm

Unfortunately, standard members are seldom (ever?) able to see my profile, that links to the blog, to sign in here.

I'll try adding a GuestBook link on the blog banner page.

Goldenhairgodess 64F
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9/14/2006 5:12 am

Hi GrayBear;
Thanks for the comment. Your blog is very entertaining too.
Recomended Blogs from me are:

SirMounts Staring At The Sun

[blog shaveclean2] A couples sexual journey

ShyWhisper2006 Whispers in the Night

I am not sure that these will show up as links or just words. If it is just words you can get the links from: ~Alltalk

rm_GrayBear818 70M
103 posts
10/3/2006 12:23 am

Recommended by common friends:
rainqueen04 2006:44 F Seattle, WA: daily verbose of lives and drives

rm_GrayBear818 70M
103 posts
10/6/2006 1:13 pm

Recommended by friends
Erotic Thoughts and Pervs 2006:44 F, Seattle WA, daily verbose posts of lives and drives.

Great personal, relation content
[blog Ineedit560] 2006: F 66, New Brunswick, Canada

rm_GrayBear818 70M
103 posts
10/8/2006 10:29 am

EroticaXTC's (2006:39 F) blog Post and they will come 10/8/06 post Okay So I cant count has a list of meaty and meaningful Beautiful Women blogs.

rm_Jezdatip 65F
1335 posts
10/29/2006 1:08 am

Seems like they are all stimulating and enlightening blogs..Way to go GrayBear..Thanks for sharing..Keep doing what ya doing..

rm_GrayBear818 70M
103 posts
2/13/2007 12:03 pm

Consolidate, Update.. (spaces in names are underscores _ )
blog [blog sexyfitwoman] sexyfitwoman 2006: 44 F - extremely well organized and well thought blog of whimsical and personal comments + great blogger trivia, e.g. table of links to the 'My AdultFriendFinder Love' story contest 11/06.

sexyfit_helper Sexyfit's helper blog. 2nd level blog example.

blog Naughtylady_007 NaughtyLady_007 2007: 62 F (amazing busty pic - looks like 42 F) infrequent posts, last 8/06, but great prose/poetry and content.

1/8/07..2/1/07 My recent posts..
blog SensuallyKatey SensuallyKatey Poetry, inspiration, tips from the Sea In Iowa; Well crafted multi-level blog;
Battling cancer and the State Department: getting a visa for Toodles (Aussie). Posts & replys:
Come BE A PART of 365 BELIEVINGS please where I connected with her at #365: Get what you need
[post 688466] my reply: Breathing in the Dark

[post 689829] blog [blog goddess1946] goddess1946 - taking time for coffee, reconn: fitness

[post 686430] blog elysianpleasure elysianpleasure- We are, and Not who we appear to be: How I see Ms.P.

Touching blog FunFlirty4u FunFlirty4u 1/27/07 36F, playful main line sex blog

What is Sacred Sex blog [blog anacortes] Anacortes - guy with years of posts, starting with substantive Tantra, more recently political; also
Words from a friend about ENEMAS with reply on HowTo link to other posts

[post 695423] blog heavenlylove105 heavenlylovel05 - 47 F, HOT pics in blog, hot main line sex blog - Need it NOW!!; my reply.. Whack!;
She: Sugar Bee? too good to be true?

rm_GrayBear818 70M
103 posts
3/15/2007 2:45 pm

MrsMuffLand's blog [blog MRSMUFFLAND] post of 3/8/07 EROTICA THANK YOU TOOTHYSMILES UNLISTEDONE relates a story of personal beauty found on the doorsteps of death, by walking through the doorway of erotica. A cancer victim struggling to see the beauty of herself can only make the final step by seeing her power in the universal lust exposed by erotica.

Talk about getting down with yourself. This is definitely a thought worth pursuing.

She sites the blogs of some of her favorite writers.
ToothySmile (40 M) toothysmile
UnListedOne (55 M) [blog unlistedone]
JD29992z (44 M) [blog jd29992z].

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