Bummed Out and Doorways  

rm_GrayBear818 70M
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7/21/2006 9:41 am

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9/19/2006 3:25 pm

Bummed Out and Doorways

Sometimes I get really bummed out, who doesn't. Every time I ask a woman to dance and she says no, I'm a little crushed, but it isn't as bad as it used to be . Of course there are also bigger issues, and sometimes I'm really bummed.

I can try and resign myself to it, or just let it pass and forget about it. But this usually means the heart of the matter is still hanging around in the background: personal baggage even if it's a small one, well closed and safely stored in a closet. Fortunately there are doorways for leaving bags behind.

There's usually something at the core of being bummed out: something I don't want to admit to, don't want to give up, am not willing to let go and move on. Amazingly I've discovered there are doors that let us do just that. The more doors you go through the easier it is to find them. You don't make them. They're there, in the events around us, you just have to tune in, grab the opportunities before they slip past.

Did I mention I like women , not as if it's hard to tell . Well placed clothing, lingerie or otherwise, what it reveals and doesn't, is a huge turn on, or turn up if you know what I mean . Last week, I walked through a door that changed the flavor of that allure. After an encounter with a hot little Miss P., where we got to know each other personally without getting involved (your imagination can fill in the blanks, but don't read too much into it ), I found myself on the other side of a door. Women and what they show and don't, still has the same magnetic attraction (in my former life I must have been a moth ), but now instead of seeing just body curves I'm seeing the women who own them, put them on display, who have a life that goes with the figure. This temporary epiphany could have passed, but knowing there are doorways, I made it stay open and kept on going.

Today, when I see female body parts, pics or real life, I'm attracted AND I wonder what's going in the heart inside this body..

Usually the doorways are in the same part of the landscape where my hurts lie. I need to stir things up a little to knock off the dust and camouflage from the doors, but they're there. I can't just wait for the doors to show up, I have to be involved, have emotional energy running around, then they popup. Once thru, then I have to practice keeping it open, continuing on my journey.

Waddya think? Tell me about your doorways..

Goldenhairgodess 64F
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9/14/2006 6:59 am

A funny thing about "baggage" is that though you may leave it behind you once, you then proceed to pack yourself another one almost exactly the same as the one left behind. You leave that one behind only to do it again and again and again.To break the cycle you must stop, open your mind and unpack that baggage. Putting each item into it's place. If possible repair the damage. Forgive yourself for your own packing mistakes and forgive the person who participated with the packing of that baggage. Then toss the stuff away once and for all, resolving to pack the next bag with greater care and attention. Doing all of that will take some time. You may have to hold off on walking through the next door for awhile. But if your next baggage is lighter then you can make up for the lost time.

rm_GrayBear818 70M
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9/19/2006 3:25 pm

Godess - It is defintely true that luck and success are 90% preparation. The doorway is sort of the last 10%. You have to be ready to step through, learning how to unpack and repack is part of getting there. But the thing with doorways is they're magical. You never know where they're going to showup. You don't inch your way up to them by packing better. There is a definite 'Ah Ha' quality where your world shifts and you shift your world. Something clicks, for whatever reason, you see an opportunity to be different, not just practice being better, but just BE better. You see it, believe it and in yourself, feel a newness sweeping over you and step through.

Has this ever happened too you?

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