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8/18/2006 9:41 pm

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8/20/2006 9:44 pm

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It's my blog and I'll whine if I want to!! But instead, I think I'll step lively onto my soap box and bitch openly about a subject that annoys the crap out of me.

Ladies, what's up with the lack of replies? I mean if a man (or another woman for that matter) takes the time to send you even a halfway intelligable note on one of these dating sites, what's up with the "READ-DELETED" act? C'mon now...take just 2 minutes to write back or even 30 seconds to send an auto-reply! Talk about rude or even worse...arrogant! Try for a moment to reverse the roles and see how you feel by no response at all. Being completely ignored or dismissed. How did that feel the last time that happened to you?

I've virtually stopped writing to ANYONE on any of these boards because they rarely if ever reply. So whats the point? I'll just add them to the hotlist\favorites\black-book and hope that they see it eventually and are interested. It's easier and I don't have to face the lingering questions of "was it something I said??". Here's a revelation: despite all our boisterous outbursts and macho bullshit, men do have insecurities and emotions too. We just don't know how to express it. Instead of crying we call you a heartless bitch and click to the next profile. Different expressions, yes but the pain is the same. So what's up?

Ok, no I recognize that the lovelier ladies and those that are just plain nudists in front of a camera probably get TONS of emails and your main excuse is to say "there's just too much to keep up". Ok, sure. It's a "terrible burden" for you to be so popular, I know. HOWEVER, when one does catch your eye, you will write to them. Ok, so it's not too much to SORT through so what's up with all those other poor souls that gave it a good shot? Ugh...take it from a recovering poor soul, it blows.

So...throw us a bone ladies and make more of an effort to at least auto-reply to all those poor bastards waiting in the wings for their brief moment of attention.

No, I'm not trying to play the whiney, pathetic "ego-marked-fragile" male here, but everyone has their little pet peeves and this just happens to be one of mine. And yes, for the record, I do reply to everyone that is kind enough to write to me. Fair is fair, right?

So do all of us "nice guys" a favor and shoot us the kindly "thanks, but no thanks" response while your rooting around in your inbox looking for that nugget of human gold.

-Famous TV Quote: I'm Rick James Bitch!
(Anyone know?)

starvingnow 49F

8/20/2006 8:07 am

There are currently 508 632 men seeking women in Texas alone compared to the 42 866 women seeking men. I'm not sure how many of these women are willing to actually meet. Anyways, I have my email filter on from those members who do not match my cupid settings because the amount of emails really is overwhelming....for me anyways. I work fulltime and have other responsibilties that need my time. Each of us are in different situations and have to individually decide how much they can handle.

Why not hold a class at the local Community Center for women only on how to use the internet for dating and initiate getting more women on these sites...that way you'll have first dibs...and there is something sexy about male teachers. I seduced one myself.

rm_GothBrooks71 replies on 8/20/2006 10:33 am:
I do appreciate your statistics. There's always been an over-abundance of males to females on-line. I hope my entry didn't suggest that anyone should sacrifice their job or family time to answer emails. I'm speaking more about courtesy, respect and understanding the other person.

As far as me teaching people to date online? I'm no expert, I'm just one man making observations and writing them down from my own perspective. I'm not asking anyone to agree nor forcing them to read's simply out there for anyone who is interested.

JustKitt 52F

8/20/2006 10:55 am

Nightlady, you're absolutely right. If they haven't read my profile, and it's blatantly obvious... *delete*. I spent about 30 minutes replying to those idiots this morning, cutting and pasting "As I mentioned in my profile...". And then I thought, if they didn't read my profile, they don't care how nice I am to them in the NTY (No Thank You) letter. I could have written "Fuck you, Asshole", and they would have gotten a hardon at the prospect of mail in their inbox.

No, I don't think GothBrooks fits into that category.

The ones that call you a cunt or a bitch... well, not only do they not get a reply, but they should probably be reported to the administrators.

StarvingNow also has a point... so many men; so little time.

Yes, we all have our ways of deciding how much we can handle. GothBrooks is talking about a response to a well-written, well thought out, sincere note. I think all women have received those, and I agree with him that, when we receive something that has obviously taken the time to write, we can take the 45 seconds it takes to send a canned response. I, for one, know how hard it is to make that first contact. I hate it, and I think the gods that I don't have to do it!! (due to the statistics you mentioned) But I also feel it's my responsibility as a human being to return respect when it's given to me. Even if it's canned respect.

Women don't pay for porn, don't pay for sex, but they pay for dating sites (vanilla, non-sex sites) and classes on how to meet "the perfect husband". Men rarely pay for bland dating sites, and I've never even heard of a class for "meeting your perfect wife". Yet the porn industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and the number of call girls, prostitutes and escorts is skyrocketting. I don't think a class is in order.

Now, if GothBrooks were the teacher, you can bet I'd have more than just an "apple" for the teacher. *wink*


starvingnow 49F

8/20/2006 5:25 pm

Oh, your post you asked the question "What's up?", so I thought I would answer from my personal perspective and wanted you to know that , no, it's not something you said or did. It wasn't my intention to come across as bitchy and lecturing.

Kitt is right...if you were the teacher...DAMN, you bet I would have more in store than just an apple! This naughty school girl would be climbing under your desk just so that I could get an after school detention with the teacher

funwithgin 44F

8/29/2006 3:47 pm

Of course you also have to add in the too busy too have a life. Then again maybe that is just your way of replying.

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