A response to an un-named girl's top 19 list  

rm_Giosisoni 50M
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4/18/2006 11:15 pm

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A response to an un-named girl's top 19 list

well... let's start... what the heck...

So, what do I don't like about girls'... (accidental priority listing with now ranking intention - sorry Dave Letterman):

10. Painted Toe Nails... (Why? no better thing to do?)

9. Baggy Pants (Why hiding the shape of your bod, love?)

8. Flip Flops (Why kill the beauty and strenght of your classy muscles when you could stand on high heels - thank you Helmuth Newton... and God Bless ya up there)

7. Long grunch dresses... wear pants instead, life is a show room... yes, you, too, are a painting on life's wall... so, act like it.

6. Expecting professional clown performance on the phone every evening... men also have a bad day - or just a regular day - without glory, without having captured the next hill, sorry!

5. Don't get weak when on top, like I don't dare to get weak when I am on top - focus, and peform, babe.

4. Age, and do it with style, like I do - it is not about looks - it is the spirit babe!

3. I love hair, just not between your legs - deal with it - and you will feel how thankful I am... more than you ever may anticipate.

2. I don't mind condoms, as long as, you don't mind playingly putting it on top of my rod.

1. Have I told you that besides of all that crap... I adore you and cannot be without you?


1girlrevolution 48F

4/21/2006 2:35 pm

I just can't resist responding . . . and you know why.
10) I haven't seen the real color of my toes in years! I love painting them! It makes me feel good.
prefer to be barefoot
5) I agree
3) love the shaven haven too
1) I'm blushing


rm_Giosisoni replies on 4/22/2006 12:48 am:
hello Dear,

thank you for the comments to my ten Thesis points... are you going to share your doodoo list of what you cannot stand on boys?

you are blushing? I have to see that!

stay warm


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