Anal delight  

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3/9/2006 3:43 am

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Anal delight

MMMmmmmm....just finished a session of anal play with myself. Nope...not bi, gay, or anything in between, but definitely a Sensualist.

I've always thought it odd that women should "legitimately" have the right to enjoy being licked, caressed, and stroked in any spot or fucked in any orifice, and it's perfectly fine. But, for many men, still, admitting that our neck, nipples, belly, inner thigh, and yes, ass, are erogenous zones is is to make us "unmanly" or puts us (oh, the 'horror!') in the gay camp.

Well, why should the ladies and the bi/gay guys have all the fun? I've found nearly every inch of my body has the potential for erotic delight, from the top of my head to my toes, from the tip of my cock (uh, yeah), to the depths of my ass.

In fact, giving full expression to my sensual nature can be as much of a turn on for my partner as it is for me. Especially in Japan. These men are afraid to even let out a moan or grunt when they cum, let alone give in to being pleasured in any other way than a cursory lick and an almost-as-quick dip into an ultimately unsatisfied cunt.
Most of the sweet women I've met here are excited to finally meet a man who REALLY gets into the entire spectrum of erotic pleasure both theirs as well as mine.

Sooo....I'll continue to explore the anal delights. The strap on was missing my lady on the other side, but my butt was happy nevertheless.

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